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A thin dog

A thin dog (describes a very thin person) 中文:细狗 Pinyin:xì gǒu A thin dog, a popular online phrase, refers to


6 中文:六 Pinyin: liù Internet term 6, means more powerful. “6” itself is a natural number, because its pronunciation is

Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!

English: Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! Pinyin: Chinese: 退!退!退! This meme is about the mannerisms of a local auntie during a quarrel,

John Cena holding Ice Cream

Bing Chilling

English: Ice Cream Pinyin: Bīng qí líng Chinese:冰淇淋   In 2022, foreigners who have no interest in Chinese at all,


Stuck(kale) 中文:卡了 Pinyin:kǎ le Original meaning: The network term “card” refers to the phenomenon that the network speed is slow,

Thank Q

Thank Q 中文:栓Q Pinyin: shuān Q Shuan Q, an online catchword, is derived from the pronunciation of the English phrase

Your background is too fake

Your background is too fake 中文:你这背景太假了 Pinyin:nǐ zhè bèi jǐng tài jiǎ le This meme comes from an anchor named

Cai Xukun Life Goes on

Life Goes On 生活还要继续

life goes on 中文:生活还要继续 Pinyin: shēng huó hái yào jì xù The original video shows a white duck walking Life

Panda Man

Flying Man 空中飞人

Flying man 中文:空中飞人 Pinyin: kōng zhōng fēi rén On the GPU ring, it refers to the person who goes up

A cartoon sheep stylized to depict a man

A sheep, A Sheep 羊了个羊

A sheep, a sheep 中文:羊了个羊 Pinyin: yáng le gè yáng A sheep a sheep refers to meme from a mobile

Old Gun 老炮儿

Old Gun 中文:老炮儿 Pinyin: lǎo pào ér Beijing dialect was originally written by Laopaoer. It refers to the old gangsters

Lao Liu 老六

Lao Liu 中文:老六 Pinyin: Lǎo liù The meme of Lao Liu first came from the game “CSGO”. At the beginning,

Dongfeng Express 东风快递

Dongfeng Express 中文:东风快递 Pinyin: Dōng fēng kuài dì The Dongfeng series is not only about Dongfeng Express. In the past,

Emotional Damage

Emotional Damage 中文:精神伤害 Pinyin: Jīngshén shānghài Background Emotional damage means an emotional attack where you suffer mental damage. This phrases

Crystal Pendant

Crystal Pendant 中文:水晶吊坠 Pinyin: shuǐ jīng diào zhuì   Background The meme of Huya’s classmate Zhang Demei’s refers to a

Strong Asian man dancing

Shang Abi

Shang Abi Li Mingxuan 李明轩 Background Shang Abi or buff asian guy, is a muscular content creator who grew popular

Ultramarine “Qunqing”(群青)

English: Ultramarine “Qunqing” 中文:群青 Background “Qunqing” was originally a song sung by the Japanese group Yoasobi. There is a “ah”

Chin 上巴

English: Chin 中文:上巴 Pinyin: Shàng bā   Background The stalk of the chin actually refers to the people in the


你法我笑,是“你说法治我都觉得有些好笑”的缩写 You law I laugh, short for “I find it a little funny when you say the law” 出自资溪县法治办主任周伟明 From

Gazi Steals the Dog 嘎子偷狗事

English: Gazi Steals the Dog 中文:嘎子偷狗事 Pinyin: Gǎzi tōu gǒu shì Gazi stealing the dog comes from the set tidbits

Wang Xinling boy 王心凌男孩

English: Wang Xinling boy 中文:王心凌男孩 Pinyin: Wángxīnlíng nánhái Due to the broadcast of Riding the Wind and Waves, there has

Electric shaker 电摇嘲讽

English: Electric shaker 中文:电摇嘲讽 Pinyin: Diàn yáo cháofèng Background What is the joke of electric shaker? This stalk originates from

I am from Yunnan 我是云南的

English: I am from Yunnan 中文:我是云南的 Pinyin: Wǒ shì yúnnán de A catchy song and video have become popular on

Don’t Fight Anymore

Recently, a tv show clip of an awkward dance and fight became popular on the Internet. Two men glared at

Outer man 外卷侠

This stalk on the Internet refers to the unsung heroes who make some companies’ wages go up. They keep sending

Are you alright? 你没事吧

From Yang Mi’s magical repeating advertisement for Yo-Yo-mei, the ad’s magical ad slogan “Are you okay, are you okay, are

Foot phlegm pickles 足痰酸菜

Background Foot phlegm pickles refers to the old “phlegm” pickles that is fermented at the time of “foot”. In the

BBQ 芭比Q了

English: BBQ 中文: 芭比Q了 Pinyin: Bābǐ Qle Background Barbie Q (BBQ), or BBQ, original meaning is the abbreviation of “Barbecue”,

You were cheated 你被骗了

Background Bilibili new stem. It’s a prank. When you click a link or a video, you think you’ll see the

Milk Law 乳法

Background The term milk law is actually a contempt for France, so why is there such a saying? The first

Lost the Korean market

“Lost Korean market”  is in fact, a stem that refers to a hand gesture. In South Korea, you must be

Gotham nightmare 哥谭噩梦

Background Recently, many people around are brushing a stem called “Gotham nightmare”. I saw someone change their social media ID

Miyuki 美有姬

Background It refers to the famous impression trainer in Japan: Chongtai, Miyuki Shigeta. Her name used to be Miyuki chongtian.

Swing Sheep

Background This stem comes from a funny video. A woman said to a young man preparing to dance, “Yo Yo,

Ah, yes, yes

“Ah, right, right” comes from Wang Xishun, the game anchor of station B, “csgo jiucaihezi”. A perfunctory answer. Background Once

woman watching a douyin video

Muscle Golden Wheel

The famous female anchor “rotten tuan’er” of Betta challenged to watch the “muscle Golden Wheel” under the coax of fans

hua qiang ask

Liu Huaqiang Buys Melons 华强买瓜

English: Liu Huaqiang buys melons 中文:华强买瓜 Pinyin: Huá qiǎng mǎi guā Huaqiang buys melons”, originally a melon-buying clip in the


English: ah, I am dead. 中文:我死了 Pinyin: Wǒ sǐle Awsl, an Internet buzzword, is “ah, I’m dead” (long w) ǒ

Social death

Social death generally refers to social death. The meaning of social death is to make a fool of oneself in

Niuma 牛马

Niuma originally refers to cow and horse, which can be directly considered as a sarcastic word on the Internet. General

It’s good, CSGO in china

“It’s good” is not the CSGO anchor called “eggplant.”. The original words are ” ’It’s good’, living in the mountains

Shall I go? Shall I go?

Shall I go? Shall I go? 那我走?那我走?Internet hot words express a meaning that I don’t want to go, but I’m

“Damn it, he got it again!”

“Damn it, he got it again!” 可恶,又让他装到了!Originated from the pet sand sculpture video, in which a black cat is flirting

Are You Polite? 你礼貌吗

English: Are you Polite? 中文:你礼貌吗 Pinyin: Nǐ lǐmào ma “Are you polite?” come from a Hunan TV show “The Year

Social bull syndrome

English: Social bull syndrome 中文: 社交牛杂症 Pinyin: Shèjiāo niú zá zhèng A new meme was been created as a mix

I am E-MO

English: E-MO 中文:我抑郁了 Pinyin: Wǒ yìyùle I am emo, catchphrase, refers to one’s mood. They ‌‌‌are generally related to negative

Duck catching 抓鸭子

Background Duck catching is one of the most popular drinking table games recently. It became popular when a video was

Eat a peach 吃个桃桃

Douyin, a blogger famous for his “Eat a peach” video, has said he will not update the video and has

13 fragrance 十三香

Thirteen incense is a seasoning in China, which combines 13 kinds of ingredients.  The word 香 is the same as

Versailles Literature 凡尔赛

Versailles Literature 凡尔赛 was inspired by Japanese manga The Rose of Versailles, which depicts the sumptuous and aristocratic lifestyle of


The literal meaning of this word is “the client does not give money”, but it first evolved from the scenario

The scene of a social death

The scene of a social death社死现场 Background Actually,the scene of social death is a popular network language.Originally used to describe

Eat Melon & House Collapsed

This word evolved from the advertising slogan “Sell melon seeds in the front row and eat melon seeds in the

Michelle Snow Ice City, Sweet Honey

蜜雪冰城 甜蜜蜜 Michelle Snow Ice City, Sweet Honey “洗脑神曲” Brainwashing Divine Comedy Background “Michelle Ice City Sweet Honey is the

Eating Melons

Eating melons has its meaning in the Internet environment, which is used to express a state of nothing to do


English: YYDS 中文:永远的神 / 永远滴神 Pinyin: yǒng yuǎn dē shén / yǒng yuǎn dī shén   YYDS is a chinese


Background There is a phrase that has become popular recently, a phrase people don’t use easily in daily life, is

Better to dance

This meme comes from a piece of news. On April 22, 2015, a traffic accident on the Chuda Expressway in

Unknown Jue Li

“Unknown, but Jue Li”, the internet buzzword , abbreviated as “Bu Ming Jue Li”, means “Although I don’t understand what you are talking about,

The clown turned to be myself

Recently, the emoji of “The Clown Is Myself” (小丑竟是我自己) has been popular on the Internet, another new synonym for contemporary

Quiet as a chicken

Jolin Tsai posted a picture on Weibo saying that he was like a quiet chicken, and then discovered that the chicken


The term “arrangement” originally meant to make a short-term plan, and its use as an online language usually contains the

Huan Zhu Ge Ge

English: Huan Zhu Ge Ge 中文:还珠格格 Pinyin: Huán zhū gégé Huan Zhu Ge Ge 还珠格格 was a popular TV show


English: Tatan 中文:打蛋表情包 Pinyin:Dǎ dàn biǎoqíng bāo   Tatan is an internet personality famous for his cute and fat body


YaoShui Ge is a gamer, who is famous for his live streams, with a distinct personal style, he is very

Early Eight People 早八人

The early eight people mean pathetic students who took the first class at eight in the morning, and humble workers

Moving Bricks 搬砖

English:Moving Bricks 中文:搬砖 Pinyin:Bān zhuān Moving bricks (ban zhuan; 搬砖) is a Chinese term that originally refers to moving bricks.

Corporate Cattle 上班

English:Corporate Cattle 中文:社畜 Pinyin: Shèchù A corporate cattle (shechu; 社畜) is a wage worker who has been tamed by a company.  It is  slang word

Overtime Dogs 加班狗

English: Overtime Dogs 中文:加班狗 Pinyin: Jiābān gǒu Overtime work has become a common phenomenon in Chinese companies.  Young workers are

Buddhist Youth 丧文化

English: Buddhist youth 中文:佛系青年 Pinyin: Fú xì qīngnián Buddhist youth also know as Lay Flat youth refers to young people

Qie Guevara 内卷

The Cuban revolutionary leader Che Guevara is world-famous, who is the “Qie Guevara”? His original name was Zhou Liqi, and

Just play! 就是玩儿

Just play! This meme first comes from the blogger Song Fugui. In his short videos, he is know for  many

Ge You Slouch 葛优躺

English: Géyōu Slouch 中文: 葛优躺 Pinyin: Géyōu tǎng “Ge You Slouch” (葛优躺) refers to the actor Ge You ‘s posture

big trotter

Men Are Big Pig’s Hoof

Big pig’s hoof, is a internet phrase used to describe lustful and unfaithful men. It is a common term used

Nihao saoa

You Are So Coquettish 你好骚啊

English: You are so Coquettish 中文:你好骚啊 Pinyin: Nǐ hǎo sāo a The line “You are so coquettish” is from the

Oscar Owes you a Golden Man

Oscar Owes you a Golden Man (奥斯卡欠你一座小金人/Àosīkǎ qiàn nǐ yīzuò xiǎojīn rén) is an Internet buzzword, the meaning of this

Ao Jiao Su | Arrogant

Tsundere’s popularity comes from Dan Meiwen and BL comics. (耽美文和BL漫画) It refers to the attitude that is actually very gentle

Pan Ta

Pan Ta

“Pan” is a verb commonly used in the phrase “Pan walnuts”. And in China, most of the elderly people like