English: Meme


Pinyin: Gěng

The term “gěng” literally means “stalk,” but in internet terms it derives from “哏” (gén), which means funny words or actions. It is the Chinese equivalent to the word meme in that it is content is derived from internet phenomenon.


In the Internet language, “gěng” (stalk) generally refers to some humourous expression or phrase that originate on social media. It is similar to the english word “meme” in that it represents a special meaning and usually resonates with informed netizens, and often include laughter or wit in a specific context. Daily conversations, short video content, major TV shows, etc., can all be seen as “stalkers”. When a “stalk” is really widely spread on the Internet and is widely used by users in various communication situations, it is then called an Internet hot word “popular stalk”. [3]

“Gěng” is born from cyberspace and social reality. Humor, and self-deprecating “net feeling” expressions seem plain, meaningless, and sometimes meaningless, but they reflect the culture of the general public in a certain period of time. The flow of mentality, collective emotions and social public opinion. Related terms include: “stalks”, playing with “stalks” and blending “stalks”—that is, the dialectical integration of Internet popular stalks.  [3]


The meaning of the word “stalk” has been continuously expanded and extended, ranging from a certain period of time, to a plot episode, or even a segment in the story, which can be called “stalk”, such as “height stalk/身高梗”, “classic stalk/经典梗”, “hitting face stalks/撞脸梗”, “romance stalks/言情梗”, “creative stalks/创意梗”, “humorous stalks/创意梗”, etc.

Top stalk of 2022 so far….


Example from internet discussion forum:

What kind of stalk do you hate the most?

answer from user named Grapefruit西柚西柚:





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