A cartoon sheep stylized to depict a man

A sheep, A Sheep 羊了个羊

A sheep, a sheep


Pinyin: yáng le gè yáng

A sheep a sheep refers to meme from a mobile phone game of the same name.

The first level of the game is 1+1, and the second level directly allows you to take the postgraduate entrance examination. This kind of difference between heaven and earth gives thanks to the desire of many players to win or lose.


It refers to a recent popular mobile game, which is similar to the enhanced version of Lianliankan(连连看). The game is to select three squares with the same pattern in a pile of squares and put them in the slot to eliminate them. The slot can accommodate up to seven squares. If the squares cannot be eliminated in time, the slot will fail if it is full. It is hard to know what the patterns of the blocks hidden below are when a pile of blocks are stacked together.



Recently, a small game called “A sheep, a sheep” to eliminate the challenge suddenly became popular throughout the network overnight, and was sought after by countless mobile game enthusiasts.

As for why this little game became a phenomenal blockbuster, it was mainly because of its high interest and cute painting style, especially the new dress trainees that players obtained when passing the exam were suspected of playing with Cai Xukun maliciously, which further enhanced the popularity of the game.



A graph showing the search volume


Recently, the popular game “Sheep has a sheep” continues to be popular, but netizens also found many problems behind the popularity. First, “Sheep has a sheep” is suspected of copying the game 3tiles; The second is to play with Cai Xukun maliciously. Netizens found that Yang Yougeyang’s (羊了个羊) new dress, “Trainee”, was spoofing Cai Xukun from hair style, suit and title (i.e., trainee), as shown below:

A cartoon sheep stylized to depict a man

The following is Cai Xukun’s hairstyle (middle part) and black suit style when he was a trainee idol, but it’s not surprising that the team behind “A Sheep Has a Sheep” is too good at playing online promotion. This latest trainee’s dress will certainly make many netizens curious, and then rush into the game again to find out the truth, which further increases the popularity.

A music group of asian men posing for a photograph

Why is this game so popular?

Catch people’s obsessive-compulsive disorder and break the routine of the game

Like the previous fire [Kill the Stars], [Angry Birds] and [Fruit Ninja], they are all easy to operate and easy to pass. Do you think it would be better if you had a sheep? No, it’s just a common cartoon image.

It is precisely because it breaks the conventional mentality that small games are easy to pass that inspires people’s desire to conquer and conquer, especially the “XX% ranked in the whole province” people are both young and strong and eager to become strong people who can overcome difficulties.

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