A thin dog (describes a very thin person)


Pinyin:xì gǒu

A thin dog, a popular online phrase, refers to a very thin person, which means joking and is similar to a thin monkey.


Word source:

The thin dog originally refers to a native dog breed originating in Liangshan (梁山), Shandong Province, China. It is named after its thin body. The thin dog is also known as the thin hunting dog, the Shandong thin dog and the thin dog. With a pointed face and two long ears hanging down, it is thin, tall, tall, agile, explosive and fast. It is famous in the world in the race.


The online term of “thin dog” refers to a very thin person, with a meaning of banter, similar to that of a thin monkey. Most girls don’t like boys who are too thin. They think that boys are too thin and have no sense of security, which makes them feel weak. On the contrary, I like the stronger boys, who can lie down at night as a pillow, a little taller. The girls feel like a bird in a bird, and they feel very happy playing coquetry in the arms of the boys. To say a boy is to scold him. The thin dog not only refers to the thin and small figure of boys, but also mocks the poor ability of boys. At the same time, it implied that the woman did not like her and did not want the boy to put down his dignity again and again and stick to himself with a hot face. The girl said that a boy’s dog was a serious contempt for the boy.




Someone who does way too much for a person they like

and in the end, there’s nothing

The mockery of the other party’s body is dry and dry, without much strength.

From the video blogger @ Cheng Yooooo, she said four words that can make men fascinated by him. One is “Brother, you are 79 meters away”; Second, “How can you wear fake shoes?”; The third is “Are you 0?”; The fourth is “can you do it, a thin dog”. Height and fake shoes are all things that boys care about, so these four sentences can be described as stepping on the thunder, which can really make a man sit up in his dying illness.

Can you do it? The thin dog has become popular in the fitness circle, and is used by fitness professionals to motivate themselves. Once you have the idea of not practicing, you can use this sentence as your spiritual nitrogen pump, and then you will be energetic again.


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