About Sinomemes

Sinomemes.com is #1 source Chinese memes, slang and internet phenomenon. We explain Chinese internet culture for those interested in the Middle Kingdom’s meme culture.  

A large majority of the content on Sinomemes.com come from user submissions. Thanks to fellow meme enthusiasts, we have grown to include a large inventory of popular Chinese internet phenomenon, memes and slang.

Victor Lozada Rivera

Founder & Editor

Hi, I’m Victor, you can also call me 胜利。

I created Sinomemes.com in 2018 as hobby while living in China. Thanks to friends, former students and meme enthusiasts , I have been able to grow this website to become a source for those interested in Chinese internet language and culture.

For inquiries or just to chat, contact me here:

Email: contact@victorlozadarivera.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VicLozadaRivera

Professional Website: www.victorlozadarivera.com 

Douyin: vee202