Again (Yòu shuāng ruò zhuó 又双叒叕)

“Again” (又双叒叕) is an internet term , pronounced “yòu shuāng ruò zhuó”.This word means to emphasize the reappearance of something that has often occurred before or the reoccurrence of an event that has often occurred

“Again” is in the Top Sinomemes of 2020!


On December 17, 2012, Japan’s Asahi Shimbun’s Chinese website posted a Weibo, “We are going to change the prime minister again.”[1] The key to this sentence is the Chinese character “again”. The 10 “again” characters reflect Japan’s frequent change of prime minister. [2]  A simple sentence became popular on the Internet in an instant, and it was reposted 9000 within two hours. repeatedly. [2] The key to this sentence is the character “yòu,” reflecting the frequent change of prime minister in Japan.

yòu :

  1.  It means repeat or continue
  2.  It means to emphasize the tone, and to take it one step further
  3.  Indicates that several situations exist at the same time


  1. One or two pair
  2.  Doubled
  3. Last name.


  1.  shun;
  2. refers to “ruo wood”. The ancients invented the meaning of making friends, knowing from the three, concentric and moral, and mutually complementary.


  1. Concatenation.
  2. short, less than




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