“Ah, right, right” comes from Wang Xishun, the game anchor of station B, “csgo jiucaihezi”. A perfunctory answer.


Once he was the first in the game, but he was ridiculed by his teammates for more than ten minutes. After being ridiculed, he used this sentence to satirize those unreasonable people. Therefore, Wang Xishun said this classic remark. So “Ah yes” has become a perfunctory answer, which can be used by Wang Xishun to tease himself or others.

Spread & Refer to the examples:

What you said is right. It comes from a very popular post on the Internet. It mainly collects the words that girls most dislike boys. This sentence was elected with a high vote and quoted by the majority of netizens

Disgust is a Chinese word, Pinyin is f ǎ ng ǎ n. One refers to dissatisfaction or opposition. Second, disgust; dissatisfaction. From Lu Xun’s “qijieting essays – an eye for an eye”: “even if it is based on ‘rationality’, it is easy to incur resentment due to the rudeness of the performance.” Ba Jin’s “home” III: “his sister’s attitude aroused his disgust.”

It is said that csgo Jiucai Hezi ranked first in the live game, but his teammates ridiculed him for more than ten minutes. In this case, most people would be angry, so the anchor csgo Jiucai Hezi said the original words of “ah, right, right”, and made a wave of irony, which made the audience in the live room feel “cool”, So the stem spread.

Later, the stem of “ah, right, right” spread on the Internet. It is mostly used to ridicule or irony those who have done something wrong and still want to ridicule others. It can also be used to counterattack others’ ridicule of their “openness”.


         https://b23.tv/bPFTXsR(Original Video from Bilibili)

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