Amway, a slang word on the Internet, originally meant: the direct selling brand Amway, a registered trademark of Amway Company, and now online language has the meaning of sharing and sincere sharing. In fact, Amway means to recommend it.


It originated from Amway (安利/Ānlì), the world’s largest direct selling company in the United States. The reason why it became popular is still about the unique direct sales model of Amway. Because its direct sales model often has loopholes, certain fraudulent micro-businesses and so on often use the banner of direct sales, which makes many people often put “direct sales” and “MLM” on the banner. equal sign. Therefore, the internet word “Amway” also derives the meaning of “brainwashing”. [1]


This word was originally used in animation, and then slowly began to become popular in Weibo. Since its development, when recommending things, people no longer recommend it to you, but say “Amway”. With the popularity of the word, many related vocabulary have also been derived continuously. [1]


1. “Amway”
The original meaning is ” Amway Company “, and the current meaning is extended to: “I like it, so I sincerely recommend it.” [1]
2. “For Amway”
The original meaning is “want to buy Amway products”, and the current meaning is extended to: “seeking a sincere recommendation.”[1]
Example: A web cartoonist posted a blog post: “Are there any funny cartoons lately? Instant noodles are also OK, please Amway!”
3. “Amway Party”
The original meaning is Amway’s distributor , and the current meaning is extended to: “People who are willing to recommend good things and love to share good things.”[1]
Example: There are many groups on Douban and Zhihu called “Amway Party”. The members often share some things they like very much, and sincerely “Amway” give others what they like.
4. “Dried this bowl of Amway”
The meaning of the word is extended to: “Please accept my sincere recommendation” and “I accept this recommendation”. [1]
For example, the blogger said that he only wanted something from Amway, which meant to recommend him. After all, Moments are all engaged in direct sales. This Weibo is also easy to explain. When you think of the term Amway directly as direct sales, it’s good. Understand, it is to advertise yourself.



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