English: ah, I am dead.


Pinyin: Wǒ sǐle

Awsl, an Internet buzzword, is “ah, I’m dead” (long w) ǒ s ǐ LE) is an acronym of Pinyin, which is generally used to describe the excitement when seeing lovely things.


In 2018, it became popular because of the snow blowing on the white of the virtual anchor. After “awsl” became popular, it was applied to all kinds of happy and happy occasions.

On December 17, 2021, Baidu Index showed that the overall daily average search index value of “awsl” was 1007, the mobile daily average search index value was 777, and the highest peak value was 8315.


The virtual anchor snow blowing on white has been active since June 2018, and has instantly gained a large number of fans because of his lovely appearance, personality and voice. In order to express their love for snow blowing on the white, fans brushed the “aswl” barrage on a large scale in the video and live broadcast of snow blowing on the white. After “awsl” became popular, it was applied to all kinds of happy and happy occasions. I also asked what awsl meant in the live studio. I was answered “a Watashi wa shinde IRU”, that is, “ah, I’m dead” in Japanese.

At the same time, “awsl” has also derived a series of spelling methods such as “Ah Wei is dead”, “ah I am born”, “Ah Wei is thin” and “ah I am a donkey”.

“Awsl” expresses the meaning of excitement to suffocation, so it is translated as oh my God, I can’t breathe.


Gu Tianle and Xuan Xuan appeared in the same frame, which surprised everyone: see you for a long time! In the face of enthusiastic fans, Gu Tianle showed his essence of “loving pink and warm men” incisively and vividly, and constantly took pictures of the onlookers. And the fans who watched the live broadcast said “pet powder here, awsl”!

The video website BiliBili barrage network, which is the B station in everyone’s mouth, recently elected the “barrage of the year”: awsl. Messy? I feel that I don’t understand the world of young people anymore.

For example, in the smoky documentary “a string of life”, the evil kebab – especially late at night – makes people feel “awsl”; In the childhood drama “Balala little devil Fairy”, there is also the “awsl” of the post-90s who are 30 years old; There are also soft and cute pandas and magical dances, which can express their feelings with “awsl”.

Just like saying “awsl” in the barrage, joining the army of screen swiping will make you feel that you are not alone.


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