English: BBQ

中文: 芭比Q了

Pinyin: Bābǐ Qle


Barbie Q (BBQ), or BBQ, original meaning is the abbreviation of “Barbecue”, or “barbecue convention”.

BBQ is a fun way of cooking, a bit like the Chinese Xinjiang lamb kebab, and is usually done outdoors. When people go out, they usually put charcoal on the barbecue table, then use fire to light the charcoal, then put the metal grill above the charcoal, then put raw fish, meat and other food on the grill and smear some soy sauce and chili noodles on the food and other seasonings.

In Western countries, when people hold outdoor picnics or camping out, barbecue is a more popular way of cooking, such as Christmas parties in Australia and New Zealand, BBQ is very common.

So in this context, “barbecue” means “finished/cooked/mentally and physically drained”, so when you see a thing or watch a TV show, someone will say “barbecue”, you know the phrase is to express the meaning of finished all.


Refer to the examples:





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