Charming Teacher Guo 郭言郭语

English: Charming Teacher Guo


Pinyin: Guō yán guō yǔ

A lady nicknamed “Charming Teacher Guo”  often says some ridiculous and funny words, coupled with those unique pronunciations she used, formed a strong personal accent.


Teacher Guo is a popular online celebrity on Douyin: Her real name is Guo Xuanya. She was born in 1994. Guo Yan Guo Yu” comes from the Douyin internet celebrity “Charming Teacher Guo”. During the live broadcast, she often has funny quotes and uses substandard pronunciation that many users find charming and hilarious. “Guo Yan Guo Yu” refers to her unique pronunciation.

She has given herself many labels, such as: non-contrived, self-composing queen, and self-created Guo Yu. The reason why Ms. Guo became popular is her unique personality charm.  Teacher Guo is often seen in her live broadcast as carefree, with yellow dry hair, greasy face, and talking in an unbothered manner.



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