Chen Duxiu (陈独秀)

The word is derived from e-sports genre. The central idea of the word is to praise someone and things very powerfully. 


As mentioned above, it originated from the e-sports circle, Betta 6324’s live broadcast term. The usage of “Chen Duxiu” developed into its present form originated from Chen Duxiu, a famous revolutionist and politician in history books, founder of “New Youth” magazine, initiator and leader of “New Culture Movement”.


After the word became popular, it was made into a series of related emoticons by netizens. It was enthusiastically sought after by everyone, and it was widely used and reprinted. In addition, there are many buzzwords about this “show” network that have the same meaning as the word. The most common ones are the following full version:

Chen Duxiu
Flower Show
Good luck Zhong Shenxiu
Desperately Saburo Ishihide
Victorian Lingerie Show
When will I be able to match your show
The show of Li Xiulian at Tongfu Inn
Why are you so beautiful?
I take a look at Qingrencheng and sigh for your delicate eyebrows
Suddenly looking back, I didn’t expect you to be so beautiful
The socialist successor is your best
No matter how many words can’t express your show
Tencent’s Yellow Diamond Green Diamond QQ Show
The old lady is not convinced that you are too showy
Li Yunlong’s wife Xiuqin’s show
Please don’t show again
Milan International Fashion Show
Hunan TV reality show
China Dream Show
Beautiful scenery
Chronology show
Liu Xiu





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