Cherry Freedom (Chē lí zǐ zìyóu)

In the Spring Festival of 2019, “Cherry Freedom” became a phrase for people to self-identify whether they are wealthy enough to purchase cherries. Workers in first tier cities sighed on social networks that even if their monthly income is over 10,000, they can occasionally save money and get a bag of cherries but they cannot enjoy the cherries during the Spring Festival. [1]
“Cherry Freedom” is featured in the top memes of 2020!


An article “26 years old, with a monthly salary of 10,000, can’t afford to eat cherries” went viral on the Internet. [1] The article mentioned The 15 stages of financial freedom for girls, the most basic is the freedom of spicy gluten, freedom of milk tea, freedom of video website members, the freedom of takeaway, the freedom of Starbucks, the freedom of cherries, the freedom of lipsticks and so on. [1]
As “Cherry Freedom” has once again become a hot topic, there is also a trend of drying cherries on the Internet. Netizens from all over the world posted the price of a cherry: 0.8 yuan, 1.25 yuan, 2.8 yuan, and even 5 yuan each. In the purchase of Chinese New Year goods in various places, major retailers also use cherries and other Spring Festival fruits as their main products. Regarding the issue of “cherry freedom”, the post-90s generation does not seem to be concerned about whether the “cherry freedom” is really realized. Whether to buy or not depends on individual circumstances, which is related to the entire market and everyone’s consumption concept.



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