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tom chin cheng hanji

Ching cheng hanji is a famous Chinese opera song that has made its way into American internet lore. It is originally from Chinese Opera ‘The case of Chen ShiMei/鍘美案.’



Check out the other famous meme songs: Super Idol, Red Sun in the Sky, and Xue Hua Piao Piao.

However, it has seen many remixes on social media platforms and even a famous former Chinese opera singer singing with his granddaughter.



We have listed the “Chin Cheng Hanji” lyrics below so you can sing along.


近前看其,Jìnqián kàn qí

詳上寫著,xiáng shàng xiězhe,

秦香蓮年三十,qínxiānglián nián sānshí

二歲那狀告當朝 駙馬郎,èr suì nà zhuàng gào dāng cháo fùmǎ láng

欺君王瞞皇上,qī jūnwáng mán huángshàng

那悔婚男兒招東床,nà huǐhūn nán’ér zhāo dōng chuáng

殺妻,shā qī

滅子良心喪逼死寒妻,miè zi liángxīn sàng bī sǐ hán qī

怎了堂 將狀紙押至在爺的大堂上 zěnle táng jiāng zhuàngzhǐ yā zhì zài yé de dàtáng shàng


Looking at it up close,

It is written in detail,

Qin Xianglian is thirty years old,

At the age of two, he sued the imperial concubine,

To deceive the king and deceive the emperor,

The man who repented of the marriage recruited the east bed,

kill wife,

Extinguish his son’s conscience, forcing his cold wife to death,

What’s the matter






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