Clean and hygienic (Indian Foods)

The stalk “clean and hygienic” comes from an anchor named Liu Yong. He lives in India all year round. Every time he tries Indian street food, he says “clean and hygienic” while eating, and there is also a “fight for fame”— -Drinking the water of the Ganges, he still said the phrase “clean and hygienic”, which made netizens shout warriors.


When explaining some unsanitary street food, and trying to drink the Ganges River water, Liu Yong would say a classic sentence with a sense of disobedience, “clean and hygienic”. kind of self-hypnosis.

The video of Liu Yong (the first person in India) is not necessarily real India, the video is packaged to attract viewing.

Liu Yong’s video was packaged ingeniously, focusing on the production process and tasting experience of street snacks, as well as some characteristic scenes of daily life in India, which directly caught the attention of many spectators and magnified everyone’s curiosity.

All in all, I think the program works very well, including the most classic “clean and hygienic, brothers, it’s just a little stinky”, which can be understood as a personal label. As for whether it is clean and hygienic. Hygiene, I think everyone will have their own judgment. It’s not forcing you to eat. It’s completely OK to just watch the fun without tasting it yourself.


Spread & Examples:

Clean and hygienic sentences:

  1. I am unhappy on the face of the day. I clean the house on the weekends, arrange the objects neatly, and look comfortable.


  1. Adhere to a hygienic diet to defeat diseases; adhere to hygienic living, defeat bacteria; strengthen a hygienic environment and defeat pollution; adhere to a hygienic mind and defeat troubles, World Health Day, keep hygiene and keep health, I wish you World Health Day happiness.


  1. Pay attention to hygiene, be able to communicate well, like healthy personal friends, have a good image and temperament like orchid, good luck comes with happiness, and always clean and tidy will benefit forever. World Health Day, I wish you an elegant and clean pacesetter.


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