Compendium of Materia Medica Shuttlecock Exercise

Wu Zun fitness aerobics is the most popular star live aerobics on Douyin recently.


The set is really sweating profusely. His fitness concept: fitness can change life! Recently, Wu Zun’s family moved to Shanghai with 40 boxes, and Liu also settled in Shanghai with his family. His live broadcast is popular all over the Internet. No wonder there are fewer gatherings with Jay Chou, but the live broadcast room is full of Jay Chou’s songs.

The road is getting wider and wider, netizens: You did it! Jay Chou has 100,000 fans in the concert, and you have 100,000+ audiences to follow you to exercise together. Liu quickly let Jay Chou, who loves milk tea, practice! The two wore white T-shirts, pink shorts, and pink socks. They were sweating happily and tiredly. The live broadcast room was full of enthusiasm and positive energy.

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The live broadcast room has a good atmosphere:

One black and one red sports equipment, dancing, simple movements, precise and dynamic. On April 13, Liu Genghong shared a piece of aerobics adapted from the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, and said that this group of fitness and fat-burning exercises can get rid of the lower abdomen, belly, and fat, and practice your mermaid line and vest line. Welcome nice summer.

Netizens all said in the live broadcast room: “Now when I hear “Compendium of Materia Medica”, I want to pat my thighs without knowing it. Liu is really worried about the physical exercise of netizens.”

“The muscular sexy coach is doing sports on the surface. He is actually a comedian. There is no utilitarian live broadcast. The atmosphere is very infectious when everyone is exercising together.” Worked as a costume design director.”

Recently, this song has become popular in the sky, but not because of Jay Chou… but because of Jay Chou’s good friend – Liu . (I don’t believe you don’t know his name yet!)

Liu can be said to be the most popular live broadcaster recently, as well as a fitness blogger (let’s pretend we don’t know that he used to be a singer). Perhaps because of the recent epidemic, the demand for home fitness has soared. Liu’s magical fitness has become popular all over the Internet. On April 20, he was still celebrating his 20 million followers on Douyin.The number of fans of him has already broken 34 million, and it will be 35 million soon…

Where is the magic of his fitness live broadcast? Recently, he called on everyone to dance with him, and also brought his wife to demonstrate. However, because his pectoral muscles were too good and he was wearing a vest, he was judged by the system to be a side ball, so he got the first warning. Liu Genghong was also dumbfounded, thinking that it was because there was a lot of armpit hair, so he shaved the armpit hair.

However, the situation did not improve the next day. When Liu started showing off his muscles in front of the camera again, he was warned that the live broadcast contained non-compliant elements and was immediately taken down. Muscles are ok, let’s wear down jackets for fitness and start broadcasting!

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