Crystal Pendant


Pinyin: shuǐ jīng diào zhuì



The meme of Huya’s classmate Zhang Demei’s refers to a live broadcast that she was involved in, where she was crying and scolding for super management having her live stream points deducted.

It was learned from her that the reason for the deduction was that she had “a pornography on her face”, and she didn’t understand what it meant to be have pornography on her face.

The reason for the point deduction really broke her heart and led to Zhang Demei ending the live broadcast.

Her crying was so hard that she accidentally spewed snot bubbles, which made her popular on the Internet, and this big snot is also known as the crystal pendant.


This is not only a famous scene of Huya’s live broadcast, but also a famous scene of the entire live broadcast industry. Even Zhang Demei couldn’t stop laughing at this sudden accident.

Some netizens ridiculed Zhang Demei. For ten years, no one knew about it. Once the nose was snot, the world knew it. After carefully rubbing and wiping for several years, there was no “crystal pendant” in the nose.

However, Zhang Demei’s live broadcast style is indeed loved by many netizens. After the “snotty incident” became popular, many netizens are familiar with this somewhat “nervous” female anchor, and her popularity has also increased rapidly.




As a female fitness anchor, Zhang Demei, whether skipping rope or running, is often banned because the “gate” is not tightly closed. She has nothing to say about such violations.

The most important thing is that Zhang Demei’s character is very straightforward. For example, in order to avoid the embarrassment of “running and leaking urine”, she will go to the toilet before every live broadcast to squeeze it clean.


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