Dongfeng Express 东风快递

Dongfeng Express


Pinyin: Dōng fēng kuài dì

The Dongfeng series is not only about Dongfeng Express.

In the past, only the army played this meme, and the target was not this Dongfeng, but that Dongfeng.


Fifteen years ago, the word “Internet” was not a good thing in the eyes of parents and teachers!

There is even a sad cry that “the Internet will harm a generation”…

However, now, whether it is adults or children, whether it is education or life; it is difficult to leave the Internet. When Li Ziqi appeared in the exam papers, we should understand; to be disconnected from the Internet is to be isolated from the times…



Two questions were asked during the interview:

One: Do you know what the “Dongfeng Express” that everyone on the Internet is talking about?

Second: What types of programs do you usually like to follow?

During the interview, it was found that these respondents who had no concept of the term “Dongfeng Express” usually liked variety shows, anime, and reality shows…



The following is a random interview on the street, and the screenshots only show some of the interviewees!

“China Dongfeng Express, the global mission must be achieved”, this has become one of the most popular topics and words on the Internet in recent years; in fact, this is a very serious topic, but it does not prevent netizens from making it humorous, In order to achieve a more general spread!

However, in random interviews on the street, there are still many young people who are unfamiliar with the word “Dongfeng Express”!

These unknowing respondents can only roughly guess that this may be a certain express delivery name, and it is also a newly established and relatively unpopular express delivery company; everyone uses it less frequently in their lives (not to mention ordinary people, just ordinary countries). I can’t afford this courier, honestly, it’s expensive!)

The most expensive one express delivery can reach 2 billion, my friend, do you want it? Hahaha

Many netizens said that the current young generation is really “entertaining to death”, chasing stars and idols, and they know more about the stars’ families than their own. Ask them if they know a certain star, they can definitely memorize the star’s birthday for you…

But for some important family and country matters, he is ignorant and shakes his head three times!

In fact, it cannot be generalized; one or two generations (post-90s and post-00s) cannot be denied because of a few young people. To tell the truth, our young people today are very good, especially the post-90s and post-00s!

Even these young people who don’t know much about the country’s affairs can’t criticize them just because they like variety reality shows and don’t like the military; that’s not good. In real life, we all have things we like; maybe they just don’t pay attention to that one…

Take everyone to popularize the Dongfeng series:

Dongfeng field cooking truck

Dongfeng Medical Vehicle


Of course, there are also Jiefang series, Shaanxi Automobile series, Beiqi series, Hongyan series, but the Dongfeng series is the largest.

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