Duck catching 抓鸭子


Duck catching is one of the most popular drinking table games recently. It became popular when a video was posted on Douyin, and then it was imitated by many people and spread in many comments.


Duck catching. It’s a little party game between friends.

Catch ducks catch a few game rules: Game started the first one said catch ducks, the second man said to catch a few, said a third grasp three (Numbers can literally say here, but for the sake of gaming experience preferably in the single digits), next, to say the baton, and the grab, also can’t grabbed, if it is not holding the game is restarted from scratch the duck, if it is holding, The next runner would say quack, the ducks would quack, and the next round would continue.

Catch duck catch a few as recently very popular a small game, simple top, is a little fee voice, especially to play excited place, face is everywhere expression package, is also very funny. As a very popular little game, catch a few ducks to catch a very lively atmosphere for the party.

Catch the duck game has a total of four sentences “catch the duck, catch a few, catch (specific number) only, caught/not caught”, if it is caught to learn the quack of the duck, if not caught to say again these four sentences. Another reason why this game is so frustrating is that when someone says that after catching 100,000 ducks, their head is full of quack quack sound. When the audience sees this scene, they want to laugh but also feel sad. They really don’t know when they can catch all 10,000 ducks and when the quack will end.

  1. There is no limit to the number of people who can catch ducks. Two people can also play the game.
  2. then the first person said [catch ducks], and then the second person said [catch a few], the third person will reply to catch a few, but try not to too much, otherwise the game may not play, as far as possible ten to the upper limit.
  3. the fourth person is there are two choices, one is said [caught], the other is not caught], these two casually said.


Catch the duck game or more interesting, this is a very magic relay game, and then with the player funny gestures, let a person can not help but laugh, very suitable for people to play together party are playing, now has begun to appear the phenomenon of person to person.

It’s really funny, hhh.


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