English: E-MO


Pinyin: Wǒ yìyùle

I am emo, catchphrase, refers to one’s mood. They ‌‌‌are generally related to negative emotions and can be understood as “I am decadent”, “I am depressed”, “I am stupid”, “I am non-mainstream”.


Emo stands for Emotional hardcore.

Emo emerged in the 1980s and was popularized by a number of bands in the 2000s. The look and behavior of its musicians are so distinctive that it has become a trend, featuring features such as straight black hair, slim band TEE and skinny jeans, canvas flats and eyeliner or eye shadow. After 2007 everyone thought EMO was crazy, like China was anti-mainstream. There has been a wave of anti-EMO protests abroad, and Emo boys have been abused and beaten in the streets.

Emo youngsters who need to blow off steam



Emo is an art form that represents a subculture, a vicious cycle that never stops until humanity completely fails, and people in this culture have false personalities and lives.

EMO was originally an artist’s sound derived from hardcore Punk. It evolved into a way of life. Emo can represent a subculture in which people have false personalities and lives. They just want to live their own free life.

Emo is similar with the “wangyiyun”, Emo is an artistic form, not a real state of life. A lot of people say Emo, but it doesn’t mean they really have bad thoughts about it. Maybe the person is just joking, which is equivalent to the meaning of end of the youth.


Happy young people have similar happiness, but EMO young people seem to have different EMO.

The burden of work is crushing my EMO

My EMO is overwhelmed by the urge to marry

The back-to-school anxiety overwhelmed my EMO

And all the milk tea I wanted to drink today, emo I didn’t get…

Emo who lost five more hairs…

My favorite little sister didn’t look at my EMO…


It feels like…






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