Eat a peach 吃个桃桃

Douyin, a blogger famous for his “Eat a peach” video, has said he will not update the video and has apologized for his unappeasable behavior, despite being a boy.


The most ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌started from the douyin video author Feng Xiaoyi, because of his excessive niangli niangqi voice in the video, so that many netizens left a deep impression (of course, is disgusting and split).

Heat becomes higher also recently thanks to the CF mobile game video production area the authors define phantom hin, because his roommate sorrow you sent a video, there are other bloggers also sent the same video, leads to unreal hin comments and barrage brush up eat not to eat the peach peach, eating a peach peach and other comments and barrage, reason is that he and little escape are very similar in many places, As for his voice and face, his roommate, Youjun, has also taken on the best precautions, such as boxing and locking the door at night.


In fact, the blogger, a man named Feng Xiaoyi, is seen in the video wearing a cute deerhat costume, picking up the can and asking for a peach. After opening the can, Feng said, “This can is so cool.”

The author of a series of feminine reflexes is so creepy that many netizens have posted comments such as “disgusting” and “Do you feel wronged to be a man?” Wind xiaoyi this video was soon hot search on top of the netizens, and some time ago “human high quality male” Xu Qingen and called “cool oil” combination.

In fact, this is not the first time he shot a similar video, if you pay attention to him before, you should know that Feng Xiaoyi’s video style is indeed such.

Every video uses extremely feminine refrain, such as “cool”, “sweet” and “hot”, and even for many female users, it is impossible not to joke that he is “more woman than woman” when seeing similar things.

As a man, in fact, not necessarily to become a tough guy, but there is no need to flow so affectation, even if the girls made a similar action, but also to be called “delicate affectation”. Therefore, this wave of wind xiaoyi was scolded not injustice.

In his latest video, Feng shared images of playing games online. He claims that the level is too difficult, while making a frightened face, finally pretending to be angry, like a coquetry to shake off the phone, the screen full of cute little girl.

Have to say, a man forced so affectation, really let the net friend is not adapted to.


As the saying goes, black and red are also red, fengziyi’s eating broadcast was imitated, was mocked, in douyin set off a cool breeze. He also conveniently received the advertisement, realization come so fast, wealth password mercilessly master.

However, compared with his mannery posture and uncomfortable “clip sound”, After watching a few of his food broadcast, digjiang wanted to shout: Don’t smurf your mouth when eating! Don’t do ASMR!

… Now I want another pair of ears that I have never heard.

First of all, Feng xiaoyi can never represent the “boy image favored by girls” in Doudou’s mouth, and contemporary girls are not responsible for this.

Of course he’s a negative example, but he’s not a negative example of the male image, he’s a negative example of polluting the online environment. Don’t make an ugly image, make a false name, forcibly represent a class of people, and group attacks on it.

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