Eat Melon & House Collapsed

This word evolved from the advertising slogan “Sell melon seeds in the front row and eat melon seeds in the front row” on the sales carts of the previous theaters, which means that there are snacks when watching a movie, which is similar to eating popcorn when watching a movie now.

In the network environment, this word is used to express a state of nothing to do with me, no opinions, and just to watch the excitement. Netizens often jokingly refer to themselves as the “people who eat melons”, and this “melon” refers to a hot gossip event, which is often used in the entertainment industry.

It’s worth noticing that fans will not use this term with celebrities they like, but only with celebrities that they don’t follow or even dislike. Sometimes some fans are even more out of comparison psychology, when other celebrities burst into gossip or scandals, they will eat melon with a gloating spirit, by which they can protrude the advantages of their favorite celebrities.

House Collapsed

It is mentioned above that “Eat Melons” is the excitement of fans watching other celebrities, and “House Collapsed” means that fans see the gossip or scandal of their favorite celebrities, and feel that their world was upside down, that is, their house collapsed. This stalk comes from an interview with an old Korean grandmother.

The original sentence is: “I saw a house collapsed over there, so I went to join the fun, but I found that it was my house collapsed, and my tears shed instantly.” It means to join in the fun, but it turns out that it’s my own fun. As for why fans have such strong feelings of grief, it is because fans have a spiritual sustenance for their favorite celebrities.


For example, being attracted by a kind of “character setting” established by the celebrity, the celebrity can be set as sunshine, animal love, and high IQ. Fans will be attracted by this kind of packaging and take this as an example, but if one day the celebrity has been exposed news with a gloomy personality, cruelty to animals, and falsification of academic qualifications, which will form a contrast from the character setting. Now, this is a kind of House Collapsed.

There are also some celebrities who form a kind of “love illusion” with fans. This kind of celebrity is the fan’s “boyfriend”. This kind of celebrity mainly sells love fantasy, but it will collapse if there is news released if he has a secret girlfriend.

Fans would disillusioned, and they will feel that they have been cheated of money even betrayed, this is also a kind of House Collapsed. But this kind of behavior cannot even be simply described as “House Collapsed”, but a criminal case that requires social attention and reflection.

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