Electric shaker 电摇嘲讽

English: Electric shaker


Pinyin: Diàn yáo cháofèng


What is the joke of electric shaker?

This stalk originates from a magical dance video shared by Cyranek, a short video blogger on the Internet. It was originally a ghostly body swinging movement between two stickmen, which lasted about three minutes.

With the speed of Internet dissemination, after arriving in China, netizens made a second creation, which became a new mocking material to use. At first, it was still a bit sentimental, but I have to say enough swords later. Although it is not very harmful, it is very insulting and mocking!

After watching the video, netizens also ridiculed: This is not an ordinary electric shaker, this is the electric shaker in Wang Wei’s poems, and the rhythm of electronic music can always bring the fun of spoofing.



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