Emotional Damage


Pinyin: Jīngshén shānghài


Emotional damage means an emotional attack where you suffer mental damage. This phrases comes from a Steven He  video calledWhen “Asian” Is a Difficulty Mode.”

Many people found the content of the skit to be funny and relatable. In addition, his Chinglish accent adds an extra layer of humor.


In the video, Steven is playing a mock video game that has a difficulty setting called Asian, implying it is the most difficult setting.

As the video progresses, the character begins to die from increasingly incredulous thing.

The most ridiculous being emotional damage, to which Steven repeats “EMOTIONAL DAMAGE,” in a way to express how unbelievable the circumstances are.

However, netizens repurposed “emotional damage” to describe their feelings in a different context. According to the new meaning, this phrase describes “broken heart”, “emotional distress”, and “feeling overwhelmed by emotions”.


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