Examinee: no quality in the morning no ability in the afternoon

In the second half of 2021, the written examination of primary and secondary school teacher qualification certificate has been completed.


Judging from the crowded examination rooms in Changsha, Hunan Province, the teaching endowment examination has not been affected by the “double reduction” policy, and the primary and secondary school teacher qualification certificate is still one of the most popular certificates for young people.

Interestingly, there are some middle-aged people in many examination rooms. They may choose to take the teacher qualification certificate in order to break through the professional bottleneck, which just shows the popularity of teaching resources.

However, from the perspective of the passing rate of teaching funding, it was basically maintained at about 30% in previous years, and about 70% of candidates will be brushed off. Therefore, it is difficult to get the teacher qualification certificate smoothly. It is not easy for some people to get the certificate in the “naked examination”.


In the just concluded teacher qualification examination in the second half of 2021, in addition to the hot test scenes, there are also some situations that make candidates very worried and helpless. Let’s have a look!

The test questions are too difficult. The candidates say frankly: no quality in the morning and no ability in the afternoon

At a loss what to do, the most common part of the teaching and writing test is the section I and two. Make complaints about this teaching and written examination. All of them are too biased.

For the comprehensive quality in the morning, some examination questions are completely out of the scope of the outline, or those who are out of favor can no longer be out of favor. For example, we all know that Qi Baishi is good at drawing shrimp, Xu Beihong is good at drawing horses, and Einstein is a great physicist. These can be called common sense. But who cares if Xu Beihong can draw mountains or Einstein can play the piano? But the questioners don’t think so. They think candidates should know.

And, like afternoon’s knowledge and ability, most of the tuckus of the examinees were the simple answers and material analysis questions with great scores. Some of the examinees had to make complaints about the questions one night, and they failed to get a test. Instead, they did some tests that they did not pay much attention to. For example, the aesthetic education in the five education and the attention in the cognitive foundation, many candidates don’t remember these at all, so they can only simply write an answer.

Many forenoon candidates make complaints about the fact that they are not fully knowledge-based. They can not throw bitter water into the subject. After all, a test paper is universal and can only be tasked with themselves: “no quality in the morning, no ability in the afternoon”.


Personal view

The written examination of teacher qualification certificate must be difficult, especially the senior middle school teacher qualification certificate, which requires candidates to have a sufficient understanding of pedagogy and psychology and a broad understanding of comprehensive quality. Teacher qualification certificate is the first threshold for being a teacher. If you can’t even pass this threshold, the significance of textual research is not great.

In addition, some candidates always complain about why the written examination of teaching capital is so difficult. It is not a teaching recruitment. Why not have a higher passing rate? It can just attract more people to join the education industry. In fact, education is a long-term plan. As a knowledge imparter in the education industry, if their own level is not up to the standard, how can they preach and receive industry to solve their doubts?

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