Panda Man

Flying Man 空中飞人

Flying man


Pinyin: kōng zhōng fēi rén

On the GPU ring, it refers to the person who goes up to the roof to do free fall.

Some popular GPU are often prohibitively expensive, or even out of stock, but since February, the price of GPU has been falling, so we can soon see GPU dealers performing in the air.


Jumping in the air is a flying man. Because the price of GPU has soared in the past two years due to mining, coupled with profiteers hoarding and driving up the price, many players cannot buy the GPU at their own prices. Now mining is not feasible, the price of GPU cannot be maintained, and the high price cards are too profitable. The profiteers do not want to reduce the price. Players hope that everyone will not buy, and when the profiteers fail to settle down, they will jump out of bankruptcy (if they jump in the air, they will be flying people in the air)


As an important part of the computer host, the GPU is the computer’s digital to analog signal conversion equipment, which undertakes the task of outputting display graphics. The GPU is connected to the main board of the computer. It converts the digital signal of the computer into an analog signal for display on the display. At the same time, the GPU has the image processing ability, which can help the CPU work and improve the overall running speed.



A graph showing search volume of a term


Hello everyone, I am a 30×0 GPU that has been working out for two and a half years. Today, I officially made my debut on e-commerce platforms such as Tiktok Xianyu.

I hope you can recognize my calculation ability as well as my appearance.

With the merger of ETH, I have experienced many doubts:

Screenshot of a tweet

Have you ever exercised? (Mining)

Are you a scumbag? (Slag)

So with the merger of ETH, what will happen to the miners? What happened to the video card after exercise? Can I buy it? A series of problems have arisen. Let’s simply say:

Today, there are a large number of miners who sell ore cards. Recently, they can continue to pay attention to the change in the price of salted fish ore cards. Bad merchants generally package ore cards as female college students’ self use GPU or Internet cafes to sell them in bulk.

Weibo screenshot

There are no more than 600 3080 female college dormitories nationwide. GPU as a cushion? Sophie 3080? This is seven rainbows, not seven dimensions. Women’s Mining University? Your imaginary video card may be like this:

Asian woman holding a PC part

In fact, it is like this:

Two asian women and one asian man standing next the a large row of computer servers

A netizen asked why the mine card was bad. The netizen god replied: You don’t know when the car will break after running 300 thousand kilometers in a row.

Here is a professional vocabulary: overclocking

Overclocking is to overload the GPU (the conscience mine owner told him to operate at full load). The working speed of the GPU that can be overloaded can be increased by 20% – 30%, because they are all 24 × 7 The continuous full load operation, the fan running at full speed, and the video memory over frequency and high temperature will greatly damage the quality and life.

Panda Man

The lords of the currency circle may not understand that this is the player stem in the game circle. Players in the game circle have been suffering from miners for a long time, because the influx of miners into the video card industry has made the price of GPU rise, and players who need to update their hardware devices to play games are disappointed, so the players’ alliance is very hostile to the mining industry. They use “flying man” to describe the price of GPU diving. What’s more, I hope to see the owner of the mine jump out of the building because of the slump. Wait for a flying human terrier to come from here.

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