Foot phlegm pickles 足痰酸菜


Foot phlegm pickles refers to the old “phlegm” pickles that is fermented at the time of “foot”.

In the CCTV report, it was able to see that the so-called old pickles were not fermented in the old altar, but came directly from the soil pits next to the vegetable fields in farmland, with extremely poor sanitary conditions. Some workers wore slippers, some bare feet, and stepped directly on the sauerkraut. Some people smoke while working, and the cigarette butts are thrown directly onto the sauerkraut. When the company acquired the sauerkraut, it did not test the relevant health indicators.

In the outdoor open-air environment, branches, snails, feathers and cigarette butts have almost become the “standard” sauerkraut seasoning package, it can be said to blend the world’s filthy impurities in one. Netizens said that the thought of the usual kimchi noodles with sauerkraut package, is made step by step, you can not help but make people guilty of nausea.

Unity issued a statement saying it has nothing to do with “Tukeng pickles”.

The 3-15 gala exposed the food safety problems of pickled vegetables made by four brands in Hunan Inserted Flag Vegetables Co. The investigation and testing of related enterprises and products.

On March 16, Unity again issued a statement on its official website to say that it has nothing to do with “Tukeng pickles“, the raw materials used in the company’s sauerkraut bread, always adhere to the sauerkraut bread factory for self-pickling, Unity sent staff to supervise the whole process, not to use the CCTV 3-15 party reported “Tukeng pickles “.

The statement said, after overnight investigation of Hunan Jinrui Food Co., Ltd, the unified enterprise sauerkraut pack with raw vegetables to confirm that all from the factory self-pickled for their own use, did not use the CCTV 3-15 gala reported “earth pit pickles”.

Ltd. also attached a letter of commitment: “The CCTV gala reported ‘earth pit sauerkraut’ is a food company renting the site of Jinrui company for turnover use, and Jinrui company does not have any raw material sharing and finished products produced to the unified enterprise sauerkraut packet products. Business transactions.” In response to the above commitment, Jinrui company said it is willing to assume all legal responsibilities.


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Old pickles paragraph funny:

There is bad news! The neighborhood is closed for 48 hours

There is good news! Stocked up on noodles in advance.

There is also bad news! The stockpile is all old pickles.

There is good news! You can skip the pickles packets.

There is good news! It’s not good without the pickles buns.

There is also good news! You can use socks instead. It turns out that it’s not the mouth ulcers but the foot odor that gets you mad on the noodles!

Recently in the 315 evening exposure of the old pickle noodles, behind the scenes “black heart” production of the whole network to see the vomit, the scene is shocking. The whole network trolling boycott, the major market supermarkets have been shelved Laotan pickles beef noodles, was exposed, completely cool, ashamed of the majority of users to its years of trust, feel after knowing the matter, instant collapse, the whole person is not good.

A guy after eating the old pickled vegetable beef noodles, the doctor actually said that he had foot fungus, “Yesterday I was uncomfortable with my mouth, I went to the doctor, the doctor said I had foot fungus, the doctor was also confused, the mouth how to get foot fungus, I did not tell him, the day before yesterday I ate a bucket of Kangshifu old pickled vegetable beef noodles”.



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