Ge You Slouch 葛优躺

English: Géyōu Slouch

中文: 葛优躺

Pinyin: Géyōu tǎng

“Ge You Slouch” (葛优躺) refers to the actor Ge You ‘s posture sitting on a sofa in the 1993 sitcom “I Love My Home.” Ge You Slouch metaphors his own ” decadent ” status quo. This meme is thought to be the origin of lay flat culture and as result involution of chinese society.
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Ge You slouch appeared in episodes 17 and 18 of the sitcom ” I Love My Home ” (我爱我家). In the episodes, Heping ( played by Song Dandan ) kindly brought in Ji Chunsheng (played by Ge You) who claimed to be an inventor. For the next two days, Ji Chunsheng ate and drank and slept in Heping’s home,  he never left the kitchen or the sofa.  This was the birth of this group of classic meme.


On July 18, 2017, the Ministry of Education and the National Language Commission released the “Report on the Situation of Chinese Language Life (2017)” in Beijing, and “Ge You Slouch” was selected as one of the top ten online terms in 2016.
葛优躺颓废坐姿火爆网络 北京瘫PS图走向世界-北京时间
Ge Youli’s unsophisticated and uncivilized body posture has miraculously become popular. His decadence, cynicism, and perverse behavior are precisely the decompression valve and breakthrough point of the public’s emotions at the time when the pressure is increasing, the work is getting busier, and it is getting harder to make money. “I don’t want to do anything”, “I just want to be so paralyzed”, “Aimless decadence”, “In fact, I don’t really want to live.”


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Court case

There were 176 court judgment documents related to Ge You Slouch in recent years, which shows that Ge You has filed many lawsuits dealing with the abuse of his image in commercial advertisements. The court’s judgment document shows that in the past four years, Ge You has won all cases of infringement of portrait rights.


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