Give it to me , I deserve 拿来吧你


” Give it to me ” comes from the short video author “Liu Zi”.

In a video, once there is a scene of asking for something, there will be a phrase ” Give it to me “. Because this sentence is reasonable enough and can be used in a wide range of scenarios, a gust of “give it to me” has been set off on the Internet.

” Give it to me ” comes from a short video of a man who says, ” Give it to me!” whenever someone steals something from him or asks for something from someone else.

If the online dictionary is used to make a detailed summary, ” Give it to me ” means: once a little shy of gifts and goodwill, with a little “can I really?” hesitation, now directly give it to me, I deserve I deserve I deserve I deserve!

No one could have imagined that 200,000 retweets, 90,000 comments and 730,000 likes would follow in just seven words. It caused a mini-storm on the Internet, and the meme went viral.

The ” Give it to me ” meme is currently very popular on the Internet, but it should be taken in moderation because it sounds a bit menacing.

It is recommended to use it online, or with someone who knows the meme, to prevent conflicts in real life due to the inappropriate tone.



It was Liu Yaowen who promoted ” Give it to me ” to become a hot meme. He posted a selfie on the platform, which suddenly became a hot search. The online comments were all ” Give it to me “, which made the meme become a hot word.

Liu posted two photos of himself with the caption “Seeking a copy.” ” Give it to me,” fans shouted in the comments section.


梗is from Chinese version)

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