in text is how laughter is expressed in Chinese. Chinese people write it both ways “哈哈哈” or “hhhh” , but it can be read as “hahahahaha”


Person A: You want to go out to KTV tonight?
Person B: I cannot, I am an tonight I am overtime dog 
Person A: hhhhh, have fun
Read here for more popular Chinese slang!

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Other Slang

Idiot (SB)

Idiot [Sb/Sha bi] [傻逼]   is how to say idiot in chinese. It is a common phrase used in internet culture and literally  translates to 


NMSL 【Nǐ mā sǐle】【你妈死了】   is the initials for “nǐ mā sǐle” which means your mom’s dead. Often used in esports as insults to other

Not even a touch (Cantonese)

掂下都唔得[diān xià dōu wú dé] means: Not even a touch. Cantonese version is 掂下都唔得(dim6 haa5 dou1 m4 dak1).   A daily communication: 1: You’re really pretty!


XSWL 【xiào sǐ wǒ le】【笑死我了】   is the Chinese slang equivalent of LMAO. EXAMPLE: Person1: Look at this new Cai Xukun sticker… Person2: xswl Check out

Fuck/Pok Gaai (Cantonese)

Fuck [pok gaai] [扑街]    literally translate to someone fell down when walking on the street (街 street),but the meaning is “go and die in


Wife [Lao po] [老婆]   Husband [Lao gong] [老公]   are the more casual way to refer to one’s wife or husband. They are similar to

Jia you

Jia you [jiāyóu] [加油]   literally means “to add fuel”, however it is used as a rallying cry generally meaning to persist, never give up,

Awesome (Cantonese)

Awesome [佢好叻噃] [keoi5 hou3 lek1 bo3]   Person 1: Hey, your brother was admitted to Harvard University! Person 1: 佢真系好叻噃!(He is so awesome!) Person 2:

520 meaning

520 【Wǔ’èr líng】【五二零】   means “I love you.” Wǔ’èr líng (520) sound similar to wǒ ài nǐ (I love you). It is often used together

I Have No Money (Cantonese)

I Have No Money [yat1 go3 baang6 dou1 mou2] [一个镚都冇]   which literally translates to “poor wretch.” The Mandarin version is  一个镚都冇[yī gè bèng dōu

Wuhu take off

Wuhu take off [Wúhú (wūhū) qǐfēi] [芜湖(呜呼)起飞 ]   means the celebration of something good in chinese.   It can also show and expression of excitement

Go to hell

Go to hell [Nǐ zǎ bù shàngtiān ne] [你咋不上天呢]   EXAMPLE Person 1: POK GAAI, YOU BROKE MY PHONE! Person 2: It was an accident,


Hhhhh 【哈哈哈哈】   in text is how laughter is expressed in Chinese. Chinese people write it both ways “哈哈哈” or “hhhh” , but it can

Feel Despair (Cantonese)

Feel Despair [tau4 dap7 dap7] [头耷耷]   in mandarin 头耷耷[ tóu dā dā]  can describe someone is hanging his head in despair with something.  

IDC (I Don’t Care)

IDC [Wǒ bùguǎn] [我不管]   Other variations include. 管我屁事 guan wo pi shi(not my business),  与我无关 yu wo wu guan.   EXAMPLE Person 1: My


Pretty [Piao liang] [漂亮]   is the most common phrase to describe pretty in chinese language. Variations include 甜美tian mei and 好看hao kan. EXAMPLE Person

Niu Bi (Very Cool)

Very Cool/NB/Niu Bi [牛逼] niu bi   means very awesome or extremely cool. It’s full expressions is 牛逼 niu bi, with other expressions being 牛批

Bae/Babe (Chinese)

Bae/Babe [Bǎobèi] [宝贝]   means baby, most assume this is how you say bae in chinese but both phrases are uncommon in a romantic way.


Bbzl [bèngbùzhùle] [蚌埠住了]   you have been greatly impacted emotionally and are about to cry / laugh when you can’t hold up.   EXAMPLE Person


Objk is a chinese slang word extending the meaning of “OK.” The “jb” between O & K is actually the abbreviation for the Chinese word

Crazy (Cantonese)

Crazy [Shǎ zuǒ] [傻左]   Some variations include: 痴线chi xian[chi1][sin3], 疯狂feng kuang. EXAMPLE Person 1: Son, don’t talk to people on the street, most are

Loser (Chinese)

Loser [La ji] [辣鸡]   literally translates to spicy chicken. However it is a homophone for “garbage.”  There is a sense of ridicule, or treat

6666 Chinese Slang

666 [Liùliùliù] [六六六】   to highly praise someone, express excellence, say something is very cool, or call them the greatest of all time (GOAT).  EXAMPLE

dddd meaning

Dddd is a chinese expression that means “you know what I mean?”   EXAMPLE Person A: he is a bad student, how can he get

I am an Idiot

I am an idiot [wo shi sha zi] [我是傻子] Other variations include 我是蠢货 wo shi chun huo,我是憨憨 wo shi han han.   EXAMPLE Person 1:

Lìhai (Awesome)

Lìhai [Lìhai] [厲害] literally means serious, formidable, fierce, or violent. However, lìhai is how you say awesome in chinese.   EXAMPLE Person 1: Okay, we


Stupid [Áng jū] [昂居]   means stupid in Chinese.   EXAMPLE 1: Hey,where’s my ipad? 2: It’s on your table.Angju.

Cpdd (couples together)

Cpdd(couples together) [Chù duìxiàng de dī dī] [处对象的滴滴] means form a couple and become a boyfriend and girlfriend.   EXAMPLE Person 1: Hey, pretty lady,

Quarrel (Cantonese)

Two people having an argument can be expressed as 嗌交[ài jiāo]. Cantonese version is 嗌交(ngai3gau1). Person 1: What’s going on with Jane and Chris? Person


Ugly [Chǒu] [丑] is the slang word for how to say ugly in chinese. EXAMPLE Person 1: Look at Jessica’s outfit. *Shows a pictures* Person


920 in Chinese is  “I love you.” 920 has a homophonic meaning, reading as “love you” very much, 9 homophones are usually on, long, and

Silly Dick

Silly Dick [Shǎ diǎo] [傻屌]    literally “silly hanging” originally intended to be a swear word but can mean someone is stupid, with a slight

Dirty Old Man (Cantonese)

Dirty Old Man [haam sup] [鹹濕]   is a cantonese insult term to describe a lustful uncle. It literally translates to salty wet man. EXAMPLE


Netizen [Wǎngyǒu] [网友]   a mashup of two terms, internet and citizen. Some variations include:  友友们 uu, 们 you you menji, 兄弟们 xiong di men.

Piece of shit (Cantonese)

坺[ba] means: pile, mass, soft paste. Cantonese version is 坺(pet6). Word formation:一坺屎.   A daily communication: 1: Ugh pok gai, you’re so annoying! 1: Just like


“狂掉SAN值” means lose one’s mind. SAN value (literally translated as sanity) is a concept introduced in the board game Cthulhu’s Call and its spin-offs. You

Stupid Girl

Stupid girl [zhu zhu nu hai] [猪猪女孩]   literally translated to “pig girl.”   EXAMPLE Person 1: Have you heard Xiao Lin got fired from

What’s Up

What’s up/Long time no see [Hǎojiǔ bùjiàn]  [好久不见]   is how to say “what’s up?” or literally “long time, no see”  in chinese. This phrase

Fuck your mother (Cantonese)

Fuck your mother [Diu lei lo mo] [屌你老母]   is a term that means to “Fuck your mother.” It is commonly used in the Cantonese

Definitely (Cantonese)

唓[chē] means: 1.despicable (inflections) 2.definitely. Cantonese version is 唓(ce1).   A daily communication: 1: I have already sent you an email. 2: Thanks for your

Really? (SZD)

Really?/SZD 【shì zhēn de】【是真的】   literally translates to “it’s real.” SZD is the abbreviation for its pinyin, “shì zhēn de.”   EXAMPLE Person A:  Do


 23333 means a loud laughter, such as Lol, LMAO, Laughing My A** Off. The expression comes from MOP (猫扑网), an online forum in China  

Feel Despair

头耷耷[ tóu dā dā] means: This word can describe someone is hanging his head in despair with something. Cantonese version is 头耷耷(tau4 dap7 dap7).   A

Playboy 海王

English: Playboy 中文:海王 Pinyin: Hǎiwáng The literal translation is Neptune. It is often refers to a playboy type men or women, who has many ambiguous


1314 spoken in mandarin the numbers sound close to the meaning “Forever”. It is often used together with 520 which in mandarin sounds like  “I

Flirt (Cantonese)

Flirt  [da qing ma qiao] [打情骂俏]   Other variations include (耍花腔) shua hua qiang.   EXAMPLE Person 1: OwO hey hey piaoliang mei nu Person


10086 is the mobile services hotline for Customers of China Mobile, it is one of the most commonly used phone numbers in mainland China.  

Go and Die

Go and die [Qù sǐ ba] [去死吧]   it is also commonly expressed as or 去死 qu si.   EXAMPLE Person 1: I ate the

Sneeze (Cantonese)

打乞嗤[dǎ qǐ chī] means: cough,sneeze. Cantonese version is 打乞嗤(daa2 hat1 ci1).   A daily communication: 1: Pok gai!, you sneezed (打乞嗤daa2 hat1 ci1) on my food.


419 means “for one night.” It is most commonly seen in the bio of women on dating apps and sites.   EXAMPLE Tinder bio: no

Bro (Chinese)

Bro [Xiong di] [兄弟] There are other variations including 老铁lao tie,铁子tie zi,铁汁tie zhi(north east accent).   EXAMPLE Person 1: Xiong Di did you see the

Fuck Love

Fuck love [Qù tā mā de àiqíng] [去tmd爱情]   EXAMPLE Person 1: My gf just broke up with me, 去tmd爱情. Person 2: Let’s go to

Black Ghost (Cantonese)

Black Ghost [Hak Gwai] [黑鬼]   literally translates to “black ghost.” It is a cantonese slang word for black person, it is usually used as

Stubborn (Cantonese)

Stubborn [ngao3geng2] [拗颈]   Mandarin version 拗颈[ào jǐng] also describes someone is so stubborn with something.   EXAMPLE Person 1:I don’t wanna talk to you anymore.

I’m Jealous

I am jealous/bitter [Wǒ suānle] [我酸了]   literal translation of suān 酸 is sour. It is a slang phrase and suan’s chinese meaning is eating

Straight Man 直男

Straight Man 直男 Zhí nán The literal meaning refers to heterosexual men, but under the criticism of many heterosexual women, it has evolved into a