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Liu Huaqiang Buys Melons 华强买瓜

English: Liu Huaqiang buys melons


Pinyin: Huá qiǎng mǎi guā

Huaqiang buys melons”, originally a melon-buying clip in the TV series “Conquer”: Huaqiang went to a melon dealer who deliberately sold raw melons to settle accounts because his family was deceived by buying melons. ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Now mostly refers to the ghost video of this segment, such as “Buying Melon Brigade”, “Melon Selling Brigade”, “Introverted Customers” and so on.


This TV show (征服) is a classic, Liu Huaqiang has a sense of style in every line and every action. When the wounded merchant was left in the street, calling to acquaintances, Huaqing smiled calmly, and drove away.

In this episode called “the source of all evil” (the original scene describing all kinds of second creation), the bandit Liu Huaqiang played by Sun Honglei angered and stabbed the fruit stall owner with his “exquisite” skills.


No one expected that an old TV play in 2003 turned popular again 18 years later.

Huaqiang buys melons, an original clip of just two minutes. Recently, there was a whirlwind on douyin.

Netizens set up countless plots and made remix videos for Liu Huaqiang and melon farmers, from “Huaqiang buys melons at full speed in 13 seconds” to “Huaqiang takes over the watermelon stall to be filial to his old father”, riding a small motorcycle, asking if the melons are ripe, looking for a magnet and other fragments, forming a huge “Huaqiang buys melon universe”.

“Hua Qiang buys melons” is a segment of Episode 8 of the crime film “Conquest” broadcast in 2003. Sun Honglei plays Liu Huaqiang, the boss of the underworld.

This plot tells that Liu Huaqiang went to the stall to buy watermelon and successfully saw through the peddler’s trick of hiding magnet. The peddler wanted to ask his next brother to clean up Liu Huaqiang, but he was stabbed in the stomach by Liu Huaqiang directly with a fruit knife. Finally, Liu Huaqiang rode away on a small motorcycle.

The plot is very simple and rough, but this short 2-minute clip was played out over and over by netizens.

For example, Liu Huaqiang in the “melon buying brigade” with a broadcast volume of 15 million directly turned into six shadow parts. A group of seven people went to buy melons. Boss: three words made Liu Huaqiang stab me 18 times.

In the introverted customer of up’s “toothless man”, it was clearly the black boss who stabbed people with a white knife into a red knife. He was stunned that the whole patient with social phobia had a hard time buying melons.

On the first day, Liu Huaqiang shouted a few times. The boss didn’t answer and slipped away awkwardly. The next day, when he bought melons, the boss just opened his mouth to talk, Liu Huaqiang slipped away awkwardly again for five days in a row, Annoyed the boss: deliberately find fault, isn’t it? Scared, Liu Huaqiang quickly bought all the fruits in a stall.


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