I am from Yunnan 我是云南的

English: I am from Yunnan


Pinyin: Wǒ shì yúnnán de

A catchy song and video have become popular on douyin. The video is called, “I am from Yunnan,” the lyrics are simple and the melody is a brain worm.



As long as you listen to it three times, most people can sing along with the rhythm The full version of the lyrics is as follows:

I am from Yunnan, Yunnan Nujiang, Nujiang Lushui City, Lushui City Liuku, Liuku Lisu people, this is how the Lisu people are called, the crow is called Anan, the frog is called Ouba, the husband is called Zupa, and the wife is called Zuma, Coriander is called Yexue, sweet potato is called Ameng, tiger is called Lama, and cucumber is called Abu. The pumpkin is called Apu, and the egg is called Ma Yaev.


Wǒ shì yúnnán de, yúnnán nùjiāng de, nùjiāng lú shuǐ shì, lú shuǐ shì liù kù, liù kù lìsù zú, lìsù zú shì zhèyàng jiào, wūyā jiàozuò ānán, qīngwā jiàozuò ōu bā, lǎogōng jiàozuò cuō pā, lǎopó jiàozuò cuō ma, xiāngcài jiàozuò yě xué, hóngshǔ jiàozuò ā mèng, lǎohǔ jiàozuò lǎma, huángguā jiàozuò ābù. Nánguā jiàozuò ā pǔ, jīdàn jiàozuò ma a yé fū.

Up to now, the topic of “I am Yunnan” has been played 1.73 billion times on tik tok, and every Chinese person has swiped it once on average. If you add other short video platforms, the average person has already swiped at least twice.

This song was also re-created by netizens at a certain station, and continued to push the popularity of this song up!

There is no doubt that the song “I am from Yunnan” has become a phenomenal song, and many famous creators can only “hope and sigh”.

After the song became popular, there was a very embarrassing situation, that is, the yellow-haired guy who sang or lip-synched became popular and was frantically being interviewed by the media. However, there is a situation where no one cares about the original, and the popularity is far less than that of the cover.

What’s even more amazing is that the original has to slap the popularity of the cover. Many people complain about the original, but more people are persuading the original to give up the struggle. Some netizens said bluntly: If it is not popular, forget it.

This comment from netizens is really hurtful, but it is also the reality. If the cover did not become popular, the original would have no chance to be recognized.


Spread & Examples:

So why has the cover sing become popular? 

The song is simple. Undoubtedly, the song was also a key factor in the video’s popularity. Although the song is very simple, it is brainwashing. The rhythm of the song has become a nail in the hearts of netizens.

Simple flavor is also one of the keys that make it Internet famous. Either you take the vulgar route, or you take the elegant route. The vulgar route has a low threshold, and everyone can do it, but the elegant route is not easy to do, so it is not very economical.

Comparatively speaking, the videos of the vulgar route become popular quickly and cool quickly; the video of the Da Ya route is slow to become popular and cool, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The cover singer has a unique appearance. The look of the boy is the biggest highlight of the entire video, flowing yellow hair moves with the rhythm of the music, which people can’t help but move with it.

The shape of this cover singer is a “visual hammer” that is directly hammered in people’s eyes, making you feel regretful if you don’t watch it.

From the perspective of respecting intellectual property rights, even if the song is reborn, the copyright belongs to the original. But most of the heat is on the cover, and anyone will feel a little uncomfortable, but this is the reality.

Entrepreneurship is actually the same. Maybe we especially like originality, and we have been trapped in originality. In particular, some big names have borrowed our original elements and suddenly become popular, which will give us the illusion that we will also become popular sooner or later. But for the vast majority, we have worked hard all our lives, but we still failed to break through the circle.

“Covering” at the right time is more important than “original”. Because it allows you to succeed faster.




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