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“Skr skr” is an internet slang word,  originally a common adlib in hip-hop/rap music. It is an imitation of the sound of car tires spinning and became popular in Chinese discourse by way of rapper Kris Wu.


In hip-hop music, “skrskrskr” is more often used as an adlib to enhance a lyrical performance. The popularity of the term in Chinese discourse is due to (Kris Wu) Wu Yifan’s misuse of the original onomatopoeia as an adjective in the tv show “China New Rap”, which caused netizens to imitate or ridicule.[3]

According to Kris Wu, who was a judge in the reality show, the word describes how amazing a thing is, and he used it to show respect to the rappers and describe how skillful and talented their rapping was. [3]


Wu Yifan also incorporated the word “skr” in the lyrics of the new promotion song “Chinese Soul” of “China New Rap”. Even the Weibo promoting the new work added “skr”. In addition, in the “China New Rap” When commenting on the contestants of the  “China New Rap” program, he often used the expression  “too skr”. [6]

Some netizens questioned Wu Yifan’s frequent use of skr as an incorrect usage. Wu frequently used it as an adjective to comment on contestants.  With the broadcast of “China New Rap”, Wu Yifan was made into many  “skr” emoticons , and after experiencing the “Battle of Walking Street Skr”, netizens also produced a series of versions. The “skr” series of emoticons have been enthusiastically sought after by everyone, and they have been widely used and reprinted.

Battle of Walking Street Skr

The word gained greater notoriety after an online war kicked off on July 25 between Kris Wu and sports-oriented website Hupu.[3]  Members complained about Kris Wu in Hupu’s post. Kris Wu fans thought that such posts were “smearing” Kris Wu. In the face of fans, Hupu launched preemptive strike on July 27 by posting a collection of all the diss raps and songs with lyrics against the singer. [3]  Some netizens referred to this “war” as the ” Battle of Walking Street Skr “. Wu a diss track under the same name of “Skr.” [5]




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