Sand sculpture 沙雕

Red panda

As an Internet buzzword, in spoken chinese the word “sand sculpture” 沙雕(Shādiāo)  is a homophonic version of the word “silly dick”. Sand sculpture began to replace silly dick as a more socially acceptable and less explicit phrase.


The origin of this term as a homophonic expression of the word “silly dick” has been around for a long time. It has recently appeared as an online language  in March 2018.


A series of spoof videos in Taiwan’s spoof app named MadLipz has increase the spread of this meme. The small movies that let you dub in real time are full of sorrows, chicken breaks, and poisoned. This series of videos is also called “sand sculpture” videos by netizens, and the dubbing of sand sculptures made me laugh like a sand sculpture.




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