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This homophonic meme, means “at this level”, and it often appears in the barrage of video game live broadcasts. Often players will use the “10% off water bottle” to express doubts or ridicule. When gamers  play bad or make mistakes in the game, they will often receive “water bottle greetings” from their teammates or their opponents.


“10% off water bottle” comes from the homophonic “just this level”. This meme first followed LOL anchor Zhang Jiawen. When Zhang Jiawen performed well in the game, he would start to mock “This is it,? This is it?” This is the diamond in one area?” [1]Then every time Zhang Jiawen’s operation error is counter-killed by others, the barrage will start to taunt him, “This is it? This is it?” Because of the natural ridicule of these two words, they are constantly being ridiculed. With the accumulation of time, many big anchor live broadcast rooms have also been attacked, and these two words have completely started to become popular in LOL. [1]

As the word became  more popular, and the gift of water bottle in the live broadcast gift, the phrase “10% off water bottle” continued. This word is really magical, and it is not limited to the League of Legends circle, other game circles. The inside also became popular. Whenever the anchor was beaten in the face, the barrage always appeared “10% off water bottle”, “That’s it”, and finally became popular on the Internet. [1]


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