“Where are you Saipan?”

Red panda

The video of a Thai woman looking for a man named Saipan has become popular, because of  the huge contrast between the appearance and the voice of the woman.


The original video of  “where is Saipan?” comes from a Thai woman. In the video, the Thai woman has a conversation with to her friend who was filming in a delicate voice, “Saipan is gone~ he went into the forest~”.  So the woman said to the forest, “Where are you, Saipan~”, the friend  told her to speak up, so the woman “Saipan!” ” The contrast between the womanly speaking voice and the manly yelling voice is the crux of the humour of this meme.



Man : whom you looking for?

Woman : I’m looking for Saipan.

Man : Where is Saipan?

Woman : I don’t know, maybe Saipan is in the forest.

Man : Can you call her?

Woman : I don’t know where Saipan is.

Man : Try calling her.


Woman : I don’t know where Saipan is, Saipan is lost in the forest.

Man : Maybe Saipan went to pee.

Woman : I don’t know. SAIPAN!!!! I worry about her, I’m afraid that she will get lost in the forest.

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