Ma Baoguo

Young people do not speak martial arts, mouse feed juice/mouse tail juice, comes from the character Ma Baoguo, used to describe young people’s “violence”. In a match with the young man Wang Qingmin, Ma Baoguo was knocked to the ground three times by Wang Qingmin and directly KO. Afterwards, a video of Ma Baoguo’s complaint spread on the Internet: “Young people don’t speak martial arts, and they attacked my 69-year-old man. Young people don’t speak martial arts, so they can do it for themselves.” The true meaning of “rats tail juice” or “rats feed juice” It is a homophony of “do it for yourself”.  [2]


Ma Baoguo, the founder of the “British Hunyuan Taijiquan Association”, claims to be the “Master of Hunyuan Xingyi Taiji Sect”. In 2001, Ma Baoguo accompanied his son Ma Xiaoyang to study in the UK. Due to lack of tuition fees, he began to teach apprentices in the UK. After his apprenticeship in the UK, Ma Baoguo claimed to be known as the “Kung Fu King” and “Contemporary Bruce Lee” by the British martial arts circles. Later, he founded the “British Hunyuan Taijiquan Association” in the UK. Returned to China in 2010 for development. [1]


(1) Mouse tail juice/mouse feeding juice, means to do it for yourself.  [1]

(2) There is a big E, there is no flash: The previous article challenged Ma Baoguo for two young people. Because he couldn’t dodge, he said “It’s careless, there is no flash” and changed to “Big E”. [1]

(3) Young people do not speak Morality: In a test of times, the master of the horse was knocked to the ground three times, direct ko [1]

(4) Bear comes: Come prepared, Ma Baoguo is empty ear when explaining the failure. [1]

Example [1]

A: “B, bring me a meal at noon tomorrow.”
B: “No, I’ve brought it so many times, I advise you to have mouse tail juice.”

A: “Why did you do this wrong? ”
B: “There was a big E at that time, there was no flash.”

A: “Why is this young man like this?”
B: “Young people don’t speak martial arts.”

A: “Why does this person run so fast? Isn’t it impossible to run normally?”
B: “It looks like a bear is coming.”


On November 28, 2020, the People’s Daily named Ma Baoguo, and the article said: ” Some of Ma Baoguo’s words and deeds are actually grandstanding, bluffing, and deceiving. In the final analysis, it is a farce. Promoting traditional martial arts is actually doing harm to traditional martial arts. It’s a matter of reprimanding the young man for not talking about martial ethics, but he himself has no righteousness, cautious words and deeds, respect and respect for traditional martial ethics. “[1]



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