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Hyogo Kita’s smile actually refers to the interview video of the voice actor Hanazawa Coriander when it was broadcast on the Fuji TV intelligence program “Alarm TV”, which was scrolling the weather forecasts of various parts of Japan simultaneously, so the “Hyogo Kita” happened to be in the same frame. It became synonymous with this “picture is too beautiful to watch” meme.


 Since then original broadcast, various spoofs have spread rapidly, making Hyogo Kita’s smile famous, even surpassing the smile of the director Jin. This smile first appeared on a Japanese voice actress special website, and was later published on the anonymous version of Acfun Lost Island. At the end of 2012, the user “Twenty-Four Bridge Mingyue Night Next Sentence” active in Acfun’s forum area used it as an avatar and posted an article with Hyogo Kita “[Multi-pictures] Various voice actors.


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