Wang Jingze True Fragrance

English: Wang Jingze True Fragrance

中文:王境泽 真香

Pinyin: Wángjìngzé, Zhēnxiāng

Wang Jingze  burst into internet culture from his participation in the reality show “X-change.” He once said in the show that he would not eat a bite of rice from the rural Aber’s family, but in the end after a change of mind he took a bite of the food and said “true fragrance.” The change in Wang Jingze’s attitude towards food is also a microcosm of his changes before and after participating in the show.


Wang Jingze (王境泽), from Changchun , Jilin , was the ​​main character of the eighth season of  the reality tv show “X-change.” Wang Jingze was born in a wealthy family. In the start of the show, it is express that Wang Jingze is arrogant, pretentious, and rebellious indicating he is a spoiled boy. This is the set up for the next act of the show, where Jingze’s parents send him to live with a poorer rural family in hopes that he learns some humility and decency.

At the beginning of the show, Wang Jingze was still very arrogant. He resisted everything about the rural family arranged by the show crew, including the famous bowl of rice. As the time spent in the countryside increased, Wang Jingze felt that it was not easy for people in the countryside, and also felt that they had a different attitude towards life.

Although poor, Wang Jingze can feel the kindness and optimism of those around him. As a result, Wang Jingze changed. He began to try to accept the care of the people around him and try to integrate into the life in the countryside. He also accepted the bowl of “famous rice” and said the phrase, “true fragrance,” which later became popular all over the Internet.

Recent update

On October 10, 2020, Wang Jingze appeared at an event in Shanghai. In an interview, he said established Changchun Jingze Culture Media Co., Ltd. because of “True Fragrance” and he has gained a lot of fans. [2]




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