Pan Ta

Red panda

“Pan” is a verb commonly used in the phrase “Pan walnuts”. And in China, most of the elderly people like to Pan walnuts in their spare time because they think it can activate the acupoints(穴位)on the hands to prolong life.


Pan originally meant that Wen Wan was not round enough, and it needed constant rubbing with hands to make smooth. This process is called “pan”. The term originated from the cross talk “Wen Wan” by Meng Hetang and Zhou Jiuliang in “Crosstalk There are Newcomers”, and it became popular through Douyin and other platforms.


Gradually, people used the verb “pan” to express their love, because a thing is so cute that you want to put it in your hands and knead it repeatedly. A user on Douyin posted a video about Pan Ta, which later caused a “everything is available”. Since “Panta” became popular on Douyin, it’s original meaning has changed. Panta can be used when arguing with others. In this case, “Panta” is equivalent to “fuck him”.

In addition, there are still many netizens who have been brainstorming, adding many popular songs and popular verses to the word “Panta.” There are also many netizens who have integrated the jokes in Douyin into the elements of Pan him.

Finally,Pan becomes a widely used verb in China. You can replace verbs in any sentence with “Pan”. For example:

  • 让我一次盘个够。(让我一个爱个够)
  • 死了都要盘。(死了都要爱)
  • 等你盘我。(等你爱我)
  • I want you to Pan. (I want you to know.)
  • You can Pan my girlfriend. (You can be my girlfriend)




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