Early Eight People 早八人

The early eight people mean pathetic students who took the first class at eight in the morning, and humble workers who have works at eight in the morning.


The early eight people have actually evolved from migrant workers. Good morning, eight people early. Good morning, early eight people!If we say have class in the morning, we feel forced by life, there is a feeling of reluctant to. Use the word “early eight” to express the words, just like studying with a vision and expectation for a better life.


In fact, the current situation of many students is that they don’t want to sleep early and get up early, treat the reality as a blurry dream and also can’t open their eyes in the high number class, kowtowing like a rhythm master. When you are youth,you will confused that: can you still fall asleep with using your mobile phone? When going to college,just holding a mobile phone and lying on the dorm after class. All kinds of early “warm” greetings in Moments of friends and dormitory groups. The first sentence changed from “Have you eaten?” to “Are you sleepy?”

Some people seem to have got up at eight early, but in fact they were completely awake at 9: 30. Some compatriots get up early while depart from the warm bed for running in the cold wind. 80% of the pain in life comes from getting up at 8 :00, but if not 8 early, 100% of the pain comes from failing the exam.

“Get up in the morning to embrace the sun full of positive energy”, in order to drive away drowsiness and create a lively morning, there are many methods can cheer up our spiritFirstly, we can choose refreshing drinks like coffee and juice as part of breakfast, convenient and fast;Secondly, we can also eat some chocolate and fruits, keep energetic and improve physical;In addition, we can also choose to open the window ventilation, keep the indoor air fresh can cheer refreshed;At length, a fundamental consideration, keep the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, so that the eight early people can have full spiritual energy to encounter every braw morning.


“I have eight early, what about you?” “It happened, I was eight early too.”“我有早八,你呢?”“太巧了,我也是早八人。”

Eight early, eight early eight soul, lazy for people with less classes早八人,早八魂,懒觉留给课少的人

Eight people early, early eight soul, the next year to be a person.早八人,早八魂,来年再做人上人。

Alarm clock seven o ‘ clock bombing, roommate in the morning holiday, cold wind and rain blowing, tears wiped, early eight people, the climb.闹钟七点轰炸,室友上午放假,寒风大雨吹打,眼泪一擦,早八人,地上爬。

contributed by Xi Yuanyuan

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