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The term “arrangement” originally meant to make a short-term plan, and its use as an online language usually contains the meaning of handling, teaching, and punishment. Therefore, the term “arrangement” is more common meaning to fix someone. The plans for things have been put on the agenda, and I took out a small book and wrote it down. In addition to the common usage of “arrangement”, there is also “arranged clearly and plainly” meaning that it has been cleaned up properly.


Regarding the earliest source of the word, a common saying on the Internet is that the “arrangement” stem originated from Kuaishou, a more common usage in Northeast dialect. It was spread by Douyu6324 Sun Xiaochuangou fans and Ming Kai, and it became widely known. , Nowadays is a common Douyin stalk.


In addition, after the word became popular, the “arranged clearly and plainly” emoticon series made by netizens has also been enthusiastically sought after by everyone. It has been widely used and reprinted. Let’s feel the “arrangement that is too sand sculpture “. “The complete set of stems :


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