The suicide of love asks for support again

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In the barrage of videos or live broadcasts, people often ask “What is BGM?” Someone will answer patiently in the early stage, but people ask this way in the later stage, and some even ask suspicions knowingly, such as some live broadcast rooms clearly show Even asking about the name of the song being played is annoying for many people.

At this time, there is a routine that some “helpful” netizens see someone asking BGM, and they will eagerly help misleading words: “The support of love”. (By the way, this song has been hacked. If someone really believes it and searches and listens to it, it would be revenge on society.)

Moreover , there are always many people who ask about BGM and those who are willing to help and mislead the public . Therefore, when an Up master is annoyed by the question of BGM, he utters the phrase “support of love, and then ask suicide.”

This routine continues to develop. Now even in some normal videos, even if no one asks about BGM, there will be barrage or comments like “BGM is the support of love”.

And if it is a video without sound, there may be more such barrage.

“Support of Love” is the theme song of Gong Suo Xinyu, by the actor singer? Yang Mi’s singing was rumored to be a joke due to a serious out-of-tune. But some people think it sounds nice

“Ask suicide again” comes from a post in the anti-pressure bar, a discussion post after the fifth game of the 2013 OGN Spring Finals

The term “ask me again to hang myself” was then simplified by netizens to “ask me again for suicide.

There are similar questions in Europe, America and Japan. For example, when asking BGM, people often answer Hotgoo , Sandstorm , and in the early days it was the famous fishing song Never gonna give you up .

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