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This meme comes from a piece of news. On April 22, 2015, a traffic accident on the Chuda Expressway in Yunnan caused a traffic jam. The uncles and aunts who were stuck on the road could not suppress the predominant force in their bodies for a while, and they were in the gap of the traffic jam. In the midst of battling and dancing, everyone seemed to be the king of dance and the queen of dance. This news has aroused heated discussion on the Internet. Some netizens have used and reprinted a series of “Better than Fighting Dance” emoticons by adding text to the pictures of Uncle and Aunt battle dance .


The word was first derived from a song by Chen Huilin, “It’s Better to Dance”. This song has a lively rhythm, a catchy melody, and is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. It is definitely a special divine tune for fighting dance. The lyric “It’s better to dance, it’s better to dance in love” by netizens, and it was adapted into a series of common sentences “It’s better to dance, xxx is better to dance”.


The square dance culture endures for a long time, and some more magical dancing videos and pictures often appear in everyone’s field of vision, so the word is often used to tease these. In addition, a large number of Nicholas Asian dance kings left their jobs to carry out the awkward dance, making the term popular on the Internet again.

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