Human High Quality Male Courtship Video 田一名爱唱歌

English: Human High Quality Male Courtship Video


Pinyin: Rénlèi gāo zhìliàng nánxìng qiú’ǒu shìpín

In the summer of 2021, a video on the surfaced on the internet and quickly become popular, titled “Human High-quality Male Courtship Video”.

Original Video


Chinese Version


In the video, Mr. Xu  introduced himself in nervous manner, which a peculiar appearance which has been called “greasy or oily” by many Chinese netizens.

Netizens also joked that he was conducting an interview. He claimed in the video that he has superior wealth and educational background, is engaged in the financial industry, respects women, can meet the requirements of women in all aspects, and proposes many of his own advantages. Therefore, he prides himself on high-quality men and wants to find a Human High-quality women through this video.

Originally a simple courtship video would not be a big hit, but the style, makeup, Chinese, and English in Mr. Xu’s video make people laugh. His self-confidence made him say the words “human” and “high quality”, which seemed very deliberate. Many netizens ridiculed him for being controlled by aliens.


(The picture is a statement from Mr. Xu’s original Instagram account. It is said that he has registered a new account, which can be found by searching for “canxu2020”.)


First of all, Mr. Xu posted the “Human High-quality Male Courtship Video” on Instagram, then it was moved to Weibo, bilibili and other websites. It has aroused discussions among netizens about “Human High-quality”, group ridicules of original video bloggers, and spoof imitations of videos.

Subsequently, Mr. Xu posted his own selfie on Weibo, which also continued to attract the attention of netizens. They imitated the “Human High-quality male selfies”. The posture of bent legs with one hand in the pocket became the new trend.

The peak of the popularity came from the extreme imitation of the Douyin blogger @田一名爱唱歌. He is also the same blogger who sings the famous “Super Idol” meme. In his video, he imitated Mr. Xu’s style and makeup, twisted his pockets to sing, and pushed the “Human High-quality” to a new peak.


  “Human High-quality” may just be Mr. Xu’s desire to pack his own advantages better, but the expressions of gender, age, identity, class, and property are words that stretch out the class. This has aroused the confrontational emotions of a new generation of young people.

In today’s Tucao(“吐槽”/ tease, ridicule) culture, “Human High-quality” is frequently imitated and spoofed. Many Internet celebrities and stars have also copied “Human High-quality…”, and since then “Human High-quality…” has become a joking expression. From now on, “high quality” does not simply express the meaning of good quality, but has a new and deeper meaning of ridicule. In the future, you should savor the meaning of “high quality” carefully.

Examples: (This is an adjective, you can describe anything you want)

  1. Human High-quality men and women
  2. Human Low-quality men and women(Another ridicule)
  3. Human High-quality selfies
  4. Human High-quality outfit

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