Eating Melons

Red panda
Eating melons has its meaning in the Internet environment, which is used to express a state of nothing to do with oneself, no opinions, and only onlookers. Ordinary netizens often jokingly call themselves “melon-eating people”. And “gua” (melon) means a hot gossip event.
The term “eating melons” originated from “people who eat melons”, probably from the advertising slogan “sell melon seeds in the front row, eat melon seeds in the front row, and eat melon in the front row” on the trains of theaters and other places. Later, in most emoticons, the “melon” evolved from melon seeds to watermelon.
The most prototype of the term “eating melons” is “people eating melons.” The online speculation about “people eating melons who don’t know the truth” is probably from theater trains and other places. The ad slogan “pai eat melon” evolved. People are keen to eat melon seeds while watching something irrelevant. In most emojis, this “melon” has evolved from melon seeds to watermelon


After the meme became popular, it was made into a relevant emoticon package by netizens, and it was enthusiastically sought after, and it was widely used and reprinted.
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