English: YYDS

中文:永远的神 / 永远滴神

Pinyin: yǒng yuǎn dē shén / yǒng yuǎn dī shén


YYDS is a chinese slang word meaning greatest of all time (GOAT).

For more Chinese slang please check out our dictionaryThis is a very popular meme and only true Chinese meme scholars would understand.

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yyds usage scenarios

yyds are often used to describe top figures in a given industry:

  1. The achievement in his professional field is extremely high, reaching a realm that ordinary people cannot surpass, and I admire it very much;
  2. The person you most admire and like in the gaming field;
  3. In his mind, he has a very high musical talent, and he likes singers, movie stars, etc.


Internet slang includes an extensive list of commonly used alphabetic acronyms, that is, abbreviations based on how certain groups of Chinese characters are written in pinyin. Modern Chinese Internet buzzwords include a type of alphabetic abbreviations, that is, words created by abbreviations of certain Chinese characters’ pinyin.

This phrase is the pinyin abbreviation of “Eternal Dishen”, derived from the words used by an anchor to describe the original League of Legends professional player Uzi. Now “yyds” has gradually evolved into a fixed format for fans to tout various things in the barrage.


The expression, literally means “eternal God”, it illustrates one’s feeling when they find something or someone godlike, awesome and exceptional. It can be expressed also as “forever dripping god”, which is also used to express that something or someone is excellent, as amazing as a god.

“Forever dripping of God,” is originated from eSports player Shiny Ruo when he shouted out “Uzi, forever drops of God!” to his idol Uzi, a retired Legend of League player.

Although “YYDS” literally can be translated as “eternal God”, which means “eternal God”; it can also be translated as “the best ever” to highlight the excellence of the other party. There is also an abbreviation in English that fits very well with the meaning of “yyds”-GOAT.

The full name of GOAT is “the greatest of all time”, which means “the best in history, the best in history”. It is often used to describe the best player in a given sport. This is a very popular abbreviation on Weibo, which is equivalent to a series of hhhh, 2333, xswl and LOL in English (laugh out loud, laugh out loud) have the same effect.

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