3 o’clock now, drink tea first!

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“3 o’clock now, drink tea first!” Was a video about drinking tea instead of working at 3pm that struck a strong chord with migrant workers.


The video was originally posted on Facebook by Malaysian user Bernard Tee and has since gone viral after being shared on the Chinese Internet. It offers a striking contrast between his authentic foreign appearance and his Cantonese accent, which is almost unrecognisable to locals.

The video itself is simple, as the man takes a selfie video and holding a bag of milk tea, and shouts out his declaration in a loud voice. The contrast between the cantonese accent, the facial expression, caused the meme(梗) to quickly become popular.

Official Translation

Hello! It’s after 3:00. What are you working for? Tea first! It’s no use doing that. The boss won’t even care about you! Goddamn it! (原话:喂!三點幾了喂。做做做做撚啊做。飲茶先啊,三點幾,飲茶先啦。做咁多都冇用,老細唔錫你啦喂。喂,飲啖茶先啦喂。做碌鳩啊做。)

And this string of full gas, the volume at 70 decibels at any time to go up, and there is a sharp contrast between the picture and the role of fish declaration video, quickly popular STATION B, triggered a lot of second creation.


It raises a sobering question: what’s wrong with working without sleep for three days, if it helps? But the problem is that the overtime work is unpaid, the more hard work you do only results in your boss getting a big villa, so it is better to relax at three o ‘clock in the afternoon, drink some tea. Working people, don’t be embarrassed to relax yourself!

So this problem tells us: after work, we must be good to ourselves, although the work is tedious, we must enjoy life, rather than blindly become a worker!


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