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The literal meaning of this word is “the client does not give money”, but it first evolved from the scenario of beating the check. It is now popular in the fan circle, game circle, novel circle and other scenarios where you need to pay for resources.


The “circle” mentioned above means a group. For example, the fan circle is a group of fans who follow celebrities, the game circle is a group that plays games, and the novel circle is a group that reads novels.

Fan circle, which is another name for the fan group in the Chinese entertainment circle, and the term “Free-ride” became popular in the fan circle in 2013, it means that you like a celebrity but don’t spend money for the them, such as not buying albums, peripheral products, movie tickets, not going to concerts, not chasing schedules, not cheering on the spot, or not helping the celebrities achieve results, such as playing rank, vote, like and comment for celebrities every day which can help celebrities gain popularity.

However, when a celebrity achieves results or awards due to a part of the fan group, he or she appears to brush his or her own presence and show his or her fan status. To put it simply, this type of “Free-ride” only admires celebrities in front of the screen, and does not express their likes for the celebrities through practical actions such as spending money and laboriously, but they come out when the celebrity is praised. However, some people think that this term is a sense of superiority of people who spend money over people who do not spend money. Now, as more and more people call for “sensible chasing of stars”, more and more “Free-ride” people. , And call this behavior “Foxi”(Buddha:No desires, no sadness or joy, inner pursuit of a peaceful life attitude).

It can also be understood that the “Free-ride” in the gaming circle refers to players who get genuine games for free without spending money, and the “Free-ride” in the novel circle refers to people who read genuine novels through abnormal channels, or on pirated websites to read novels and find pirated txt files of novels online.

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