Kris Wu, mine is big. Can you bear it?

In July 2021, Kris Wu’s sex scandal was revealed by Du Meizhu, which attracted public attention. As of July 23, Kris Wu ‘s 15 endorsements have all been cancelled.


July 22, 2021, Beijing Chaoyang police issued an investigation report: In December 2020, Kris Wu agent on the pretext of selecting the MV actress interview, about Du Meizhu to attend a party, Du Meizhu drunk in Kris Wu home stay, two people had sex.

Subsequently, the fraud suspects (Liu mou) posing as Kris Wu cheating feelings of women to defraud the Du Meizhu‘s trust, to obtain the hands of Du Meizhu‘s communication information. Then in the name of Du Meizhu and Kris Wu’s lawyer contact to negotiate compensation, and finally posing as Kris Wu studio to negotiate compensation with Du Meizhu.

The rule of Law Daily commented that the revelation of Kris Wu case is to clarify the truth based on facts and take law as the criterion. Law is the most powerful voice hammer. Whoever breaks the law will be punished.

Kris Wu was detained on suspicion of rape on July 31, 2021, according to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Chaoyang Branch. On August 16, 2021, the People’s Procuratorate of Chaoyang District in Beijing approved the arrest of Kris Wu on suspicion of rape.


Under Chinese law, under-18s are considered minors, while the age of sexual consent is 14. “There was no ‘groupie sex’! There was no ’underage’!” Kris Wu wrote on his social media account after the allegations were made. “If there were this kind of thing, please everyone relax, I would put myself in jail!” Confidently said that by Kris Wu. Eventually, Kris Wu was detained by Beijing Chaoyang police.


“Mine is big, you bear with me.” I can’t help it!

If in this world, to measure a man by his size.

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